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A big part of being a Freemason is connecting with fellow Brothers. We are a fraternity that values Brotherhood and loyalty, upholding the mission of supporting each other, coming together to make a difference, and striving to be better men.

In order to live out the tenets of our obligation, Masons must always be searching for opportunities to bond with our brethren and lift each other up. Below, we have compiled five simple tips to help you come together with fellow Masons, opening the door to make lasting connections and uniting as one.

1.) Send a Brother to Brother Card

In a world filled with digital messaging and online communication, it might seem like snail mail is becoming obsolete. However, there is something special about receiving a classic, paper letter in the mail that cannot be replicated. With the Scottish Rite, NMJ Brother to Brother card request, you can reach out to a fellow Scottish Rite member anywhere in the country to send them words of encouragement, get well wishes, or a congratulatory note and let them know that you are thinking about them. A Brother to Brother card helps us support each other in the good times and challenging moments.

2.) Mentor a New Member

Another simple way to support a fellow Brother is to take a new member under your wing and mentor them. Whether or not your lodge has a mentorship program, it is always a good idea to reach out to a new member and ask to if you can help. Perhaps it’s help practicing ritual, or just going out for a meal and talk. Becoming a Freemason can be an intense process filled with new experiences and emotion. Having someone there who has gone through the process and can answer questions might make all the difference. Think about the satisfaction you will experience in return helping a new Mason grow in the craft.

3.) Purchase a Special Gift

The Masonic Marketplace is the home to books, apparel, accessories, and promotional products that make for the perfect Masonic gift. Even sending a small item such as a pen, magnet, or golf ball to a fellow Mason can be the perfect gesture to say hello, happy birthday, congratulations, happy holidays, or a simple thank you. Every item in the Marketplace can be personalized with a Masonic logo and if you can’t decide what to purchase, gift cards of any amount are also available. Best of all, 100% of the proceeds from every purchase from the Masonic Marketplace goes to our four charities--a win-win for everyone!

4.) Host a Gathering

In order to learn more about each other, it is imperative to make plans outside of the lodge room and lodge meetings. The best way to chat with and get to know Brothers, new and old, is in person! Switch up the old “dinner and drinks” and get together for a more creative outing such as a bonfire, ski day trip, escape room, or even a cooking class. Brush up on our past blog post about fun lodge events for some ideas.

5.) Get Started with Pathfinder

Perhaps the easiest way to connect with other Brothers on your Scottish Rite journey is to get started with our supplemental member program known as Pathfinder: The Journey of a Lifetime. By participating in various activities and exploring the resources of the Scottish Rite, Pathfinder serves as a guide for 32° Scottish Rite Masons to uncover the road that best serves their needs and interests. A multitude of activities called Mile Markers lead you to discover the experiences, knowledge, and lifelong friendships that help you become the best version of the man you know you can be. Pathfinder is a great way to connect with long-time members, as well as brand new Brothers.

In search of more ideas? The Scottish Rite, NMJ continues to add Leadership Resources for leaders at every level to bring members around the jurisdiction together, spark inspiration, and learn from different perspectives. From leader handbooks to Supreme Council constitutions and our video library, our Leadership Resource Center is a centralized repository for all things Scottish Rite. Check it out today!

We would love to continue to add to this list and see how you connect with your Brothers on a daily basis. Send us a note at [email protected] with your tips, or stories of how you connected with your fellow brothers!