In early 2017, the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite commissioned the most comprehensive, data-driven analysis of the Scottish Rite and Freemasonry in more than 20 years. The results of that study are outlined by former Sovereign Grand Commander John Wm. McNaughton in his the seminal work, Reclaiming the Soul of Freemasonry. The book forms the strategy that will guide the Scottish Rite as our fraternity creates new resources for members, completely revamps its use of technology, and inspires all Brothers to feel deep pride in the organization.

According to the data, we can be sure, finally, that this is not an organization out of step with society. In fact, trends point to the opportunity for a renewed interest and period of growth. – John Wm. McNaughton

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The Path Forward: We Will.

Among many things learned, this effort crystalizes three important elements that forge our path forward:

  1. WE WILL increase our engagement with members of the Scottish Rite.
  2. WE WILL embrace technology to further engagement in between the times that we see our Brothers in person.
  3. WE WILL become a strong and clear voice for Freemasonry, working with all Brethren to attract good men to the craft, and in turn, 32° Scottish Rite Freemasonry.