This year, the Supreme Council is excited to bring the magic of the Scottish Rite home to Masons across the jurisdiction through Virtual Reunions! Taking place on three days in October and November, our Virtual Reunions are an opportunity for candidates to become acquainted with our brotherhood and provide current brethren the chance to cross additional degrees off their passport while helping welcome new Brothers to the craft.

Whether you’re joining the Scottish Rite for the first time or are an experienced 32° Mason, you’ll want to dress to impress for our Virtual Reunions. As we prepare to gather online to learn from the teachings of our venerated degrees, ensure your Masonic attire and accessories are on par for the momentous occasion by shopping any of the new and classic items from The Masonic Marketplace:

1. Navy Dry Mesh Polo with Square and Compass

Sport your Masonic pride in this casual but professional square and compass polo. Made with a Dri Mesh fabric to keep you cool, this collared shirt is suitable for the Virtual Reunion screen and golf greens.

2. Navy Plaid Pattern Long Sleeve Shirt in “Spes Mea In Deo Est”

For a more classic and sophisticated look, try this long-sleeved button-down in Scottish Rite Navy. Complete with a subtle 32° eagle embroidery, chest pocket, and adjustable cuffs, you can wear this shirt at any one of our Saturday Virtual Reunions... and also again on Monday during your Zoom conference call.

3. Black Writing Pad with Square and Compass

From interactive workshops with fellow Masons and Supreme Council to enriching degree presentations, each Virtual Reunion is going to be a day full of fellowship and learning. To help you make the most of the event and capture all there is to learn and explore, try one of our sleek Masonic writing pads.

4. EarBuds in Clear Square and Compass Case

The contents of our Virtual Reunion are sacred to the fraternity and its brethren. If you can’t participate in the Virtual Reunion in a private space, make sure you have earbuds or headphones ready to plug in when the event begins. If you need a pair, you can purchase a festive pair for the occasion from the Masonic Marketplace.

5. Personalized Gavel & Sound Block Set

While we may not all be able to meet in person for our Reunion, we can reminisce on previous Reunions and enjoy our ritual from home with this unique and personalized gavel and sound block set. With a walnut finish and engraved Scottish Rite logo, there’s nothing better to set the mood for our Virtual Reunions.

Scottish Rite Virtual Reunions will take place on October 3, October 24, and November 14. To register for any or all three of our upcoming Virtual Reunion dates, click here.

*Please note: The Masonic Marketplace is experiencing shipping delays due to COVID-19. Items may not be shipped in time for our October 3 Virtual Reunion but will ship in time for our October 15 and November 14 dates.