“Our vision statement –“We will strive to be a fraternity that fulfills our Masonic obligation to care for our members"—IS our Vision Statement and will stay that way!

Known as ICE, our mission statement consists of providing inspiration, convenience and enjoyment in all events, This IS our mission statement and will stay that way! What a common sense mission statement it is.

Our Scottish Rite charities made up of the Grand Almoner's Fund, the Children's Dyslexia Centers, the Scottish Rite Museum and Library and the Abbott Scholarships will remain as our major charities. Many members have a passion for our charities and we will not let them down.

Our focus on taking care of our members will remain our focus.

Our next project will be on increasing our membership. We have established a program called "The Path Forward"...This project is being launched this fall and includes a marketing campaign sponsored by the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction to support our Grand Lodges in recruiting members for the Blue Lodges. We will also launch a major membership campaign to assist our Scottish Rite Valleys as well. There is much more to come!”

- David Glattly addresses Annual Meeting for the first time as Sovereign Grand Commander

Ill. David Glattly, 33º was installed as Sovereign Grand Commander on August 28, 2017. He accepts the honor and responsibility at an exciting time for the fraternity, but also succeeds an imminently accomplished SGC, Ill. John Wm. McNaughton, 33º. We extend our sincere thanks to our Past Sovereign Grand Commander McNaughton for his leadership and dedication to the Scottish Rite over the past eleven years and we warmly welcome and congratulate our new Sovereign Grand Commander Glattly.

We had an opportunity to sit down with SGC Glattly to discuss his experiences, the Scottish Rite, and the future of the craft:

What was your original impetus for joining the Scottish Rite from the Blue Lodge?

I was interested in expanding my knowledge of Freemasonry and finding deeper meaning in the craft. Also, my father was a member of the Scottish Rite, and my mother wanted me to join while he was still alive to see it.

Did you have any mentors along the way? How did the help you?

From my first experiences in Demolay all the way to Scottish Rite, many Brothers have guided me. The adult advisors in Demolay were very involved and also were Scottish Rite Masons. Men like Dick Cadmus and Bill Aitken mentored me and were also inspiring role models. They were successful businessmen and well-established in the Fraternity

What inspired you to become an active member of the Fraternity?

It comes back to Demolay. I was a very involved member, and the people around me saw that. When I became a Scottish Rite mason, people began asking me to become involved and my activity continued. It lead to some great opportunities to work with the SRNMJ everyday.

Which aspect of Masonic Brotherhood drives you the most?

The close friendships that are formed. It’s a Brotherhood that isn’t bound by geography or background, you are brought together by sharing the same values. That bond is what drives me.

How did your experience aiding those affected by Hurricane Sandy influence your Masonic experience?

I learned that as a member of a fraternity, we are are source of great relief for our fellow members. Whether financial, or just a shoulder to cry on, we are a support network. The experience changed me, and reminded me that what we do as Masons truly makes a difference. Even outside of disaster relief, I can remember giving a fellow Brother a check during the week of Christmas. He looked at the check and burst into tears, and so did I. Standing in his kitchen, both crying, I knew what our relief meant.

What are some insights and observations you have made in your previous positions that influence you today?

You can create enthusiasm, you can create teamwork, and you can create the drive to contribute. So much of what we hope to do is dependent on our members rallying around us, and I hope to do just that. We want to encourage action, and if we can do that, many of our efforts are going to see success.

What are some of your first priorities as SGC?

Communication. Better communication, more frequent communication. We must keep our members informed, and create more dialogues to help guide our leaders as they do their jobs.

What aspect of serving the NMJ as SGC excites you most? What do you believe is your greatest challenge?

Being able to get out and talk to our members. Over the next year, I’m going to be all over the district and the country, attending events and meeting with our members. I’m most excited to be the person who gets to go see them, and find out what matters

I also plan to be a presence at Scottish Rite events on the international level. I’ll be attending a conference with other Masonic leaders in Berlin this May. It will be a new experience for me to represent our fraternity at this level.

Who do you have to thank most for the opportunity to serve as SGC? Who is part of your support network?

My family, Demolay pals, New Jersey Brothers, the Supreme Council members themselves and Ill. John Wm. Mcnaughton, 33º.

In your opinion, what is the main promise of the “Path Forward”?

We are going to reinvigorate Masonry and Scottish Rite Masonry for the members. Similar what I said about the power of building enthusiasm and teamwork, if we can create the excitement, the members will do the rest. And they’ll feel it from how we act, from in the Lodge room to out on the street.