The Leon M. Abbott Scholarship fund came to fruition as a result of the legacy of the late Leon M. Abbott, 33°, Sovereign Grand Commander from 1921-1932. Building upon one of Freemasonry’s fundamental principles of the belief in the importance of an educated mind, the Masonic fraternity, and Scottish Rite in particular, have long been committed to fostering education.

The Abbott Scholarship Program provides financial support for continuing undergraduate and graduate education of Scottish Rite Masons, young men and women from Scottish Rite families, and Masonic-related youth groups. In fact, more than 300 Abbott Scholarships are awarded annually to eligible and deserving students attending accredited colleges, universities, and specialty schools.

Scottish Rite, NMJ receives hundreds of thank-you letters from Abbott scholarship recipients each year. Below is the story from one such student, who not only provided his gratitude in the form of a letter, but also sent Scottish Rite, NMJ, his graduation stole. Known as The Stole of Gratitude, the item is worn during a graduate’s commencement ceremony, and afterward is presented to someone who provided them with wisdom, support, and/or financial assistance.

Chandler Gordon, Abbott Scholarship Recipient and graduate, Arizona State University, sent along the following words of thanks to accompany the special gift he sent to Sovereign Grand Commander David A. Glattly and the team at Supreme Council:

“Attached to this letter is the ‘Stole of Gratitude,’ an item that is to be presented to those who made the biggest difference in my ability to get a college degree. I can think of no better recipient than the entire staff at the headquarters of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction! Every person I have interacted with improved my life, and I will never forget the support for my education, not just through a scholarship, but through the provision of lifelong friends and mentors that push me to be the best version of myself. I hope this conveys my gratitude for the never-ending support!”

Sovereign Grand Commander Glattly holds up The Stole of Gratitude he received from a grateful scholar

In addition to being an Abbott Scholarship recipient, Chandler worked as an intern at Scottish Rite, NMJ during the summer of 2019. He is currently attending law school at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Embroidered on Chandler’s stole was also The Moeur Award recognition, given to graduating seniors at Arizona State University who have achieved a 4.0 GPA, representing the highest academic standing. Chandler said of his Moeur Award: “The scholarship support from the NMJ has meant everything to my ability to attend college, and now law school, and I hope that this award helps to signify my continuing drive to be worthy of the investment.”

Scottish Rite, NMJ is so proud of our Leon M. Abbott scholars and all they have achieved. So proud, in fact, that Chandler’s graduation stole is in Commander Glattly’s office at Supreme Council headquarters to remind him of the great achievements of our Abbott scholars.

Are you a Scottish Rite, NMJ Mason or a student directly related to a Scottish Rite, NMJ, member who is pursuing higher education? Learn more or fill out an application today. Application deadline is April 15, but check with your Valley for adjusted submission dates, as many have extended their deadlines due to the pandemic.