Now in its third year, The Valley of Steubenville, AASR, in Ohio is putting on “The Scottish Rite Experience,” a program designed to recruit and retain members. This membership initiative was outlined in a prior guest blog post, The Scottish Rite Experience: The Valley of Steubenville Tackles the Membership Challenge, by Ill. Edsel Emery, 33°, Deputy’s Representative for the Valley of Steubenville. Checking in with Ohio once again, it is clear that the Valley of Steubenville is doing even more to refine its recruitment tactics and expand the scope of their efforts.

As part of its 2018 Spring Reunion, the Valley of Steubenville presented “The Scottish Rite Experience” with all of the bells and whistles. The experience brought the degrees to the Brothers at locations away from the Scottish Rite temple, and into local Steubenville lodges, presenting eight degrees on video at four separate locations.

  • East Liverpool Lodge 681 (6th and 12th degrees)
  • Toronto Lodge 583 (19th and 24th degrees)
  • Flushing Lodge 298 (26th and 29th degrees)
  • Ohio City Lodge 486 (Martins Ferry), (20th and 31st degrees)

“The Valley of Steubenville is proud to present its banner at these official events, where members will have the opportunity to receive a stamp on their passports - all to be recorded by the Supreme Council,” said Bro. Edsel Emery, 33°. “We are taking the concept of ICE – inspiration, convenience, and enjoyment – and expanding it to reach men in lodges throughout our Valley.”

Complementary refreshments were provided each evening, and specially-made pins and beautifully-embroidered Valley of Steubenville golf shirts were distributed to everyone attending. All Scottish Rite officers and members were encouraged to attend and to wear hats and jewels.

“The Scottish Rite Experience” culminated in a live presentation of the 32nd degree by the Jefferson Consistory on at the Steubenville Temple. The large-scale event included a dinner, followed by an inspirational presentation of the 32nd degree. “By attending at least two of the aforementioned events, as well as the 32nd degree, a member will be proclaimed a 32nd degree Mason,” said Bro. Emery.

“On a special note,” said Bro. Emery, “The upcoming ‘Scottish Rite Experience’ honored Brother Don Moore, MSA of Toronto Lodge 583. Brother Moore has been the first line signer on the petitions of 35 members of our beloved Valley. His dedication to the Rite is an inspiration to all of us.”

Scottish Rite Valley of Steubenville 2018 Spring Reunion

There are many exciting programs happening all over the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, and here at the headquarters, we don’t want to miss them. Please contact us and let us know what your valley is up to, and we might just feature it here.