Filming the Ask the Commander livestream

A tremendous sense of Brotherhood, passion, and excitement for the future filled the air last night during our “Ask the Commander” livestream event. On Thursday, December 10th, from 7-8pm, the SRNMJ hosted an interactive livestream with Sovereign Grand Commander David Glattly to open up the dialogue between Scottish Rite leaders and members with the aim of sharing openly the direction our jurisdiction and plans for the future.

During the hour, hosts Linda Patch, Director of Marketing & Communications, and Michael Russell, Vice President of Charities, presented with Commander Glattly an overview of the initiatives and accomplishments of the past 16 months, as well as a top line overview of what’s coming in 2019. The group also presented the outstanding membership results the NMJ has enjoyed during this fall’s Reunion season. Commander Glattly fielded questions from the audience’s live feed and questions members had posed in advance. The Commander addressed a wide variety of topics including: NMJ philanthropic efforts, changes to the degrees, member resources, social media, recruitment, and future initiatives. Masons from all over the country were able to ask their questions in the livestream chat room, as well as connect with fellow Brothers and start lively conversations with each other.

“Our new marketing programs are incredible. I’m so proud of what Scottish Rite is doing.” – Edsel E.

“It’s amazing all the things that have been accomplished and what is on tap.” – Paul J.

Behind the scenes at the Ask the Commander livestream

The chat room was buzzing, the studio was silent, and the cameras were rolling as the night took off. Aside from the Q and A session, we also showed the new White Flower Society video, providing information about the new tier of giving back, as well as the new 7.5 Billion video about the Grand Almoner’s Fund.

This livestream event is a part of an ongoing effort to shed a fresh light on Freemasonry and highlight the Craft’s positive message to enhance the betterment of men. This marketing and outreach initiative, also known as the Path Forward, was created with our members in mind. Member service and responding to member needs has been the driving force of our changes over the past 16 months.

If you missed the livestream or just want to re-watch it, click the video below.