Magic Lanterns: Illuminating the Teachings of Freemasonry

In the early 19th century, many Masonic lodges utilized magic lanterns to help candidates better understand the allegory and symbolism presented in Freemasonry’s degrees. We explore the history of magic lanterns in our latest blog. Read more

Winston Churchill: A Man of Destiny

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The Masonic Meaning Behind Coolidge’s ‘Riding the Goat’

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The Meaning Behind the Masonic Letter “G”

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Sporting Gold Pt. II: More Masonic Athletes

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Masonic Presidents & Vice Presidents

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Masonic Youth Groups: Instilling Masonic Values in the Next Generation

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Among the Stars: Freemason Astronauts

From Buzz Aldrin to John Glenn, many notable astronauts and American heroes also belong to the world’s oldest fraternity. Read more

3 Common Sayings Born From Freemasonry

Did you know that many Americans use words all the time that have their roots in Freemasonry? These terms did not become commonplace overnight, and the stories of their integration into the everyday American’s vocabulary further illustrate the influence Masonry has had on our culture. Read more