Mozart: The Musical Freemason

Freemasons know well of the many trailblazing, impactful men who journeyed through the craft before them. Few have ever left as stirring a legacy behind as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the famous composer who forever changed Western music. In this piece, we examine his life, his brief but devoted experience in Masonry and how it influenced his career. Read more

Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library Helps DeMolay Celebrate Centennial

DeMolay International just turned 100 year old this year. To celebrate, employees of the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library provided the fraternal youth organization the gift of service. Read more

The Legacy of the Masonic Apron

The Masonic apron is perhaps the greatest symbol of Masonic tradition and history, serving as a reminder to every Mason their commitment to uphold the values of the Craft. Read more

Scottish Rite Rings: The Meaning Behind the Band

From the official 14° and 33° rings to custom 32° rings, Scottish Rite rings are a richly symbolic way to show your Masonic pride. Read more

The origins of the Square and Compasses

As Masons, we are used to seeing the square and compasses symbol. Whether we are identifying it while passing a Masonic building or proudly pinning it to our suit, this Masonic emblem is forever imprinted on our minds. Learn more about this Masonic symbol and its origins in our newest blog. Read more

Harry Houdini, the Masonic Magician

Harry Houdini is most commonly known for illusions like his suspended straitjacket escape, buried alive trick, and the “Houdini Upside Down.” However, many people do not know the man behind the magician, Freemason Eric Weiss. Learn more about the illusionist who brought magic into the hearts of millions: Read more

Even More Masonic Museums and Libraries to Visit in the US

If you’ve been patiently waiting for the follow-up to our first “Masonic Museums and Libraries to Visit in the US” blog, then the wait is over! We spotlight our own jewel in the crown, the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library. Read more

The Masonic Life of Mark Twain

The life of Mark Twain carries an amazing legacy and we are proud to call him a fellow Brother. Learn more about his Freemason origins and how the fraternity had an impact on his work. Read more

Sporting Gold: Masonic Athletes

What do Freemasonry, soccer, baseball and golf have in common? They were all shaped in some way or form by a Mason! Read on to learn about the origins of some of our favorite sports and discover three of the most impactful and dedicated Masonic sportsmen of the last century. Read more