The Masonic Legacy of Lady Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is an American landmark visited by approximately 3.5 million people every year and is recognized internationally as a symbol of American ideals. But what is the story behind Lady Liberty and her Masonic legacy? Read more

What was the Anti-Masonic Movement?

In the United States, there still exists a sub-culture of suspicion against Masons which began nearly 200 years ago when the country’s anti-Masonic movement emerged; a subject critically important to understanding the history of Freemasonry in America. Read more

Masonic Tracing Boards and Trestle Boards: Their History and Significance Today

One of Freemasonry’s oldest symbols is the Masonic trestle board. Often confused with the tracing board, the trestle board is the blueprint of which our ancient fraternity was built upon. In this blog, we explore its history and meaning today. Read more

Oscar Wilde: Freemason & Literary Hero

Similar to his body of literary work, the life of Brother Oscar Wilde was grandiose, full of wit, and pondered life and society’s greater meaning. Learn more about the poetic Freemason, Oscar Wilde. Read more

Our Gratitude, Your Impact: The 2020 Helping Hand Initiative

Last month, we launched the Helping Hand initiative to raise funds for our charity, the Grand Almoner’s Fund. Read more

From Stonemason to Freemason: History and Origin of Modern Freemasonry

While no one knows with certainty when or how Freemasonry was formed, the most widely accepted theory among Masonic scholars traces our fraternity back to the stonemasons of the middle ages. Read more

Behind the Scenes: The Making of the 17°

We’re excited to bring you behind the scenes of the recent 17° production which was filmed at the Valley of Harrisburg. The cast and set design are made up of Brothers from the Valley of Harrisburg, who truly "put their all into making this degree a feast for the eyes," said M. Todd McIntosh, 33°, Active Member, who served as director of the degree. Read more

2019: A Year of Giving, Growth and Brotherhood

In honor of an incredible year, we’ve put together some 2019 highlights from around the Jurisdiction that highlight the strength of our brotherhood. Read more

Mozart: The Musical Freemason

Freemasons know well of the many trailblazing, impactful men who journeyed through the craft before them. Few have ever left as stirring a legacy behind as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the famous composer who forever changed Western music. In this piece, we examine his life, his brief but devoted experience in Masonry and how it influenced his career. Read more

John Glenn Cap Given to Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library

“We are really excited about telling the story of John Glenn, his many achievements, and his involvement with Scottish Rite,” said Hilary Anderson Stelling, Director of Exhibitions and Collections. “This cap helps us do that.” Read more