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Sporting Gold Pt. II: More Masonic Athletes

The history of Freemasonry is rich with accomplished Brothers, including many famous athletes. Learn about famous Masonic athletes on our blog. Read more

Masonic Presidents & Vice Presidents

From the Founding Fathers to Gerald Ford, many vice presidents and presidents were also proud Freemasons. Read more

Masonic Youth Groups: Instilling Masonic Values in the Next Generation

Freemasonry's mission of creating a better world through the promotion of our core values begins not at the blue lodge, but at one of our three Masonic youth groups. Learn more about Freemasonry's youth-oriented organizations in our blog. Read more

Among the Stars: Freemason Astronauts

From Buzz Aldrin to John Glenn, many notable astronauts and American heroes also belong to the world’s oldest fraternity. Read more

3 Common Sayings Born From Freemasonry

Did you know that many Americans use words all the time that have their roots in Freemasonry? These terms did not become commonplace overnight, and the stories of their integration into the everyday American’s vocabulary further illustrate the influence Masonry has had on our culture. Read more

The Masonic Legacy of Lady Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is an American landmark visited by approximately 3.5 million people every year and is recognized internationally as a symbol of American ideals. But what is the story behind Lady Liberty and her Masonic legacy? Read more

What was the Anti-Masonic Movement?

In the United States, there still exists a sub-culture of suspicion against Masons which began nearly 200 years ago when the country’s anti-Masonic movement emerged; a subject critically important to understanding the history of Freemasonry in America. Read more

Masonic Tracing Boards and Trestle Boards: Their History and Significance Today

One of Freemasonry’s oldest symbols is the Masonic trestle board. Often confused with the tracing board, the trestle board is the blueprint of which our ancient fraternity was built upon. In this blog, we explore its history and meaning today. Read more

Oscar Wilde: Freemason & Literary Hero

Similar to his body of literary work, the life of Brother Oscar Wilde was grandiose, full of wit, and pondered life and society’s greater meaning. Learn more about the poetic Freemason, Oscar Wilde. Read more

From Stonemason to Freemason: History and Origin of Modern Freemasonry

While no one knows with certainty when or how Freemasonry was formed, the most widely accepted theory among Masonic scholars traces our fraternity back to the stonemasons of the middle ages. Read more