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The Top 10 Masonic Books for your Winter Book Club

Want to start a Lodge book club, but not sure what to read? We’ve got you covered with our top 10 picks for the best Masonic books to read this winter. Whether you want to delve into the philosophy of Freemasonry or read a biography of a famous Mason, we’ve got ideas to suit every Brother’s reading tastes. Read more

Masonic Apron Resource Library

A Masonic apron is the badge of a Freemason. It is a symbol that signifies the pride and commitment of a Mason to the Craft. But do you know how this symbol originated and the meaning behind it? Click through to our Masonic Apron resource library for books, articles, videos and more about this symbol that is deeply meaningful to all Freemasons.  Read more

Ten Masonic Products for Fall: Masonic Marketplace

Have you heard? The Scottish Rite, NMJ just recently launched their new online marketplace. Complete with a variety of apparel, unique items, and personalized gifts, the new marketplace is your one-stop-shop for all things Masonic and Scottish Rite.  Read more

To the Moon and Back with Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin, the first Freemason to step foot on the moon, has an incredible life story that clearly shows his impact on history, science, and Freemasonry today. Read more

A New Year: Fall event ideas for your Lodge

With the Fall season just around the corner, we are starting to look towards a new Masonic year. We have created a list of fun and inclusive event ideas to help your Lodge start the year off on the right foot. Read more

A Q & A with Evan Reseska, SR Mason and Boston Beekeeper

Evan Reseska is a Master and second-generation beekeeper. He grew up in the fields working with bees and harvesting honey, and now owns and operates a brick and mortar store located in the Boston Public Market, The Boston Honey Company. We got the chance to meet Evan at his store and chat about his business, the strong community and friendships that he’s found within Freemasonry, and his feelings on the powerful impact of creating a legacy. Read more

A Lifelong Connection Through the Scottish Rite

Fariba Houman tells her story on the Scottish Rite blog about how she developed a close relationship with Brother Sidney Baxter, 33°, and his wife Mona during a time when she needed support and comfort in a new place. Their selflessness, love, and care guided Fariba through many years; a lifelong connection started through Freemasonry and the Scottish Rite.  Read more

A Weekend Masonic Trip to Washington, D.C

If you’re in the market for a weekend getaway, might we suggest a mini-Masonic vacation in Washington D.C.? From the Air and Space Museum to the notable GW Memorial, our itinerary is chock-full of significant landmarks that are important to Freemasonry history. Read more

Hauts Grades Academy Series: From the Desk of Arthur Fred Hebbeler. III, 32°

Haut Grades Academy Series: From the Desk of…Arthur Fred Hebbeler. III, 32°. Please join us in learning about the degree of The 4 Chaplains and its relationship to the Scottish Rite’s core values. The essay by Bro Hebbeler is drawn from his writings in HGA Level 2.  Read more

Working for the Fraternity: An Intern's Perspective

Scottish Rite summer intern, Darien A. Koons, describes his experience and day-to-day routine working for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction.  Read more