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From Children’s Dyslexia Center To Hollywood

All who support our Scottish Rite Children’s Dyslexia Centers are gratified to hear of young people who learned to overcome dyslexia and achieve academic success. At our centers, all over the Northern Jurisdiction, there are many empowering stories: Darius Dancer’s story is just one of them. Read more

Masonic Mourning Art & Gravestones

As Freemasons, we memorialize our Brethren in a myriad of ways after they depart to the Celestial Lodge. In our article, we reflect on Masonic funeral rites, as well as popular Masonic mourning art trends and notable gravestones from history. Read more

How to Take Advantage of our Journey On Assets

We created a variety of assets to accompany our newest anthemic campaign, Journey On. Learn how you can best use them in our article. Read more

A Q+A with John J. Hetherson, 32°, HGA Graduate

Brother John Hetherson, 32°, HGA shares his experience taking part in the Scottish Rite’s Hauts Grades Academy and shares his advice for those looking to join the next HGA class. Read more

Supreme Council Surpasses Previous Membership Milestones, Welcomes 45 Valleys of Excellence

After a challenging 2021, Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction’s membership year emerged anew and kicked into high gear with new programming, fresh ideas, and revived in-person connections. This membership year (June 16 2021-June 15, 2022), 2,184 new initiates joined our ranks, an increase over the number of new members we welcomed last year. Read more

Four Pathfinder Activities To Check Off This Summer

Pathfinder is a member program that helps Scottish Rite Masons make the most of their membership. Read our blog to learn ways you can continue your journey this summer. Read more

A Thank You to Our Children’s Dyslexia Centers Tutors

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re highlighting the incredible work of our Children’s Dyslexia Centers tutors. Read more

Building Character: 25° Master of Achievement

Brother Jason David MacKeen, 32°, HGA explores the life lessons and implications of the 25° Master of Achievement. Read more

Brother Clifton Truman Daniel: Keeping Harry Truman’s Family Legacy Alive

Brother Clifton Truman Daniel shares his experience portraying his grandfather President Harry Truman in the play “Give ‘Em Hell, Harry.” Read more

Introducing: Journey On

The Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite, NMJ is pleased to announce the newest campaign for Scottish Rite Masons: Journey On. Read more