The Valley of Cincinnati Goes Live!

Despite setbacks from COVID-19, the Valley of Cincinnati hosted an inspiring performance of the 27th degree live for brethren on February 18, 2021. Read more

The Masonic Mavens of Jazz

From Louis Armstrong to Glenn Miller, this article explores the many amazing jazz musicians who were also Freemasons. Read more

Twelve Tips to Win at Recruitment

Brother Michael Kinigstein, 33°, MSA, Commander-in-Chief for the Valley of Northern New Jersey shares his Valley's secret sauce for recruiting new members. Learn more in his guest blog post. Read more

Scottish Rite Charities: Changing Lives Together

Learn about our Scottish Rite Charities from Walter F. Wheeler, 33°, Director of Charities, who shares what each of these worthy causes means to him. Read more

How the Path Forward Changed My Life

Director of Support Services James O' Dill, 33°, shares a personal account of how being a part of the Path Forward team has changed his life and the lives of both long-time and new members Read more

Design in the Lodge Room

We kick off our next Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction "Meet the Team" guest blog with Director of Design Matt Blaisdell, 32°, who provides a unique perspective on using a methodology known as "Design Thinking: in the lodge to help problem solve and devise solutions. Read more

The Masonic Maven of Melody: Irving Berlin

This article is a journey deep into the life, music, and Masonic journey of one-of-a-kind composer, Irving Berlin. Read more

Onboarding Your New Members

Brother Bob Siebold, 32°, MSA, Commander in Chief for the Valley of the Hudson shares the secret to their success when bringing new Brothers into the fraternity. Learn more in his guest blog post. Read more

A Token of Gratitude from an Abbott Scholarship Recipient

Scottish Rite, NMJ receives hundreds of thank-you letters from Abbott scholarship recipients each year. Below is the story from one such student, who not only provided his gratitude in the form of a letter, but also sent Scottish Rite, NMJ, his The Stole of Gratitude. This stole is an item is worn during a graduate’s commencement ceremony, and afterward is presented to someone who provided them with wisdom, support, and/or financial assistance. Read more

The Value of Being a Scottish Rite Mason

As part of an ongoing "Meet the Team" blog series, we invited the Directors from each of Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction's various departments to share some of their insights based on their specific area of expertise. Brennan Parken, 32°, Director of Membership at Scottish Rite, NMJ, shares his unique perspective on what our fraternity can offer to a 20-something member. Read more