The Winding Stairs podcast

The end of the year is a time for reflection and gratitude. We’re giving thanks for all of the amazing experiences we had this year and the incredible people we shared them with. At the same time, we’re also thinking about ways we can put our best foot forward in the new year. That could be committing to a new hobby, reading more books, or spending more time with family. Regardless of what your new year’s resolution is, we think that these five podcasts will start your new year off on a positive note and help you delve deeper into the teachings of Freemasonry.

As Masons we know that by learning more about Freemasonry, we find new ways to further commit ourselves to our ancient traditions while giving back in our lives today.

1. The Masonic Roundtable Podcast

Each week, a panel of Masons from around the country gathers to discuss the latest Masonic news, events, and scholarship on this podcast. The “Knights” of the Masonic Roundtable first came together in 2014 and have since worked together to spread Masonic light around the world. Tune in to their recent episode, “Freemasonry in Pop Culture,” for an examination of popular references to the Craft.

2. The Winding Stairs Podcast

Hosted by Juan Sepúlveda, the Winding Stairs podcast is dedicated to helping listeners learn more about Freemasonry and become the best version of themselves. Tailored specifically for the Modern Mason, this podcast is great for those who feel bombarded by negativity in our modern world and hope to put to work the lessons of this great Order.

3. Whence Came You? Podcast

This weekly podcast discusses ancient Masonic papers, famous Freemasons, and their impact on our ancient Order. The host, Robert Johnson, hopes that this podcast will help people learn more about Freemasonry and the people who have helped to shape our traditions. Check out their most recent episode to explore the relationship between Masonry and being a gentleman.

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4. Masonic Radio Theatre

The Masonic Radio Theatre is both a tribute to Freemasonry and a throwback to the radio dramas of the past. Each episode explores different historical aspects of Scottish Rite Freemasonry to help listeners learn more about the roots of Freemasonry. Go back in time to the Old West on their latest episode, “The Lodge of Gold.”

5. The Tyler’s Place Podcast

This monthly podcast from the Supreme Council of the Southern Jurisdiction is a collection of stories, lessons, and interviews by Masons, for Masons, and about Masons. Hosted by Bro. Maynard Edwards, each episode discusses a new topic on Freemasonry to help listeners learn more about our traditions. You can listen to the November edition of this podcast via iTunes.

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