The goal was $332,000, but as we all know, our great fraternity is comprised of overachievers. As a result, the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction Telethon on Giving Tuesday raised $420,584, nearly 30% more than our fundraising goal for this event.

On Facebook Live, the telethon had more than 2,100 viewers who tuned in for the 2-hour livestream event, and an additional 2,000 tuned in to the Facebook Live event. Ill. Bro. Tom Labagh, 33°, even listened (emphasis on listened, not watched) while driving to Philadelphia for his Grand Lodge’s Quarterly Communication. The Valleys of Detroit and Central Jersey both held watch parties for the night’s festivities.

Michael Russell, Director of Charities, served as the evening’s host, assisted by Brother Bill Sardone, 33°. Guitar phenom Parker Hastings, who hails from Kentucky, provided the musical entertainment. Hastings is a member of DeMolay and an inductee in the National Thumbpickers Hall of Fame.

Donations Rolling In

Gift announcements took place throughout the evening, including an in-person donation from the New Hampshire Consistory for $100,000. “Why I Give” was the theme of twelve heartfelt video testimonies received from Scottish Rite members and shared throughout the event.

Grand Almoner’s Fund and White Flower Society

Guest interviews included Sovereign Grand Commander Dave Glattly on his personal experience helping a Brother in need through the Grand Almoner’s Fund, and First Lady Monica Glattly, who spoke about our newest charity for Masonic widows, the White Flower Society. Brother Pete Samiec, 33°, who serves at Scottish Rite’s Grand Almoner, also shared how he is constantly moved being able to provide financial relief to Brothers in need.

Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library

Bruce Work, executive director of Scottish Rite’s Masonic Museum & Library, showed off some of the institution’s most prized pieces of historic pieces from the collection. Brother Marcus Abbott, 33°, introduced us to “Masonic Masterpieces,” an expansive video project that he and the Museum & Library will be working on together to help preserve the history of Masonic buildings.

Abbott Scholarship

Michael Russell sat down with Abbott Scholarship recipient Darien Koons, who now serves on the charities staff as development coordinator. Tyler Moyer, DeMolay International Master Councilor, discussed his experience as a member of DeMolay and the importance of giving back while also staffing the telethon phone bank before and after his interview. By the event’s halfway point, the telethon had brought in an additional $75,000.

Children’s Dyslexia Centers

We heard from “Team Sharkis,” made up of Dave Sharkis, director of operations at CDC, and his wife Cheryl who serves as the director of the Bridgeport center. Together they provided an overview of the Children’s Dyslexia Centers (CDC), and the impact of a growing number of satellite locations. Linda Patch, director of marketing and communications, and her husband, Keith, shared their experience as parents of a child who overcame dyslexia thanks to the great work of the CDC. Brother Patch, 33°, explained that what the CDC did for his son and family was his inspiration to become a Freemason and a Scottish Rite Mason.

33 Days of Brotherhood, Scottish Rite Month

Leading up to the telethon, Scottish Rite, NMJ, ran a “33 Days of Brotherhood” campaign for Scottish Rite Month in November. People could opt in to receive daily emails or follow along on social media to receive quick, actionable tips on how to care for their Brothers. Each day, we also highlighted a different Brother with a photo and their input on what Freemasonry means to them.

The “33 Days” campaign created an outpouring of brotherly support, not only from a monetary standpoint on the night of the telethon but on a more localized level across the Jurisdiction.

With the season of giving well underway, we anticipate the momentum of charity and helping those less fortunate will continue into 2020.

To those who donated, to those who followed along with our 33 Days campaign, and to those who continue to embody the values of Freemasonry in their daily lives, we thank you all.

Giving Tuesday 2019 - Scottish Rite, NMJ Telethon

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