On January 6, 2018 representatives of the Scottish Rite, NMJ Path Forward team presented survey findings and future plans to the Masonic Renewal Committee of North America at their annual meeting in Tampa, FL. In attendance from

the Supreme Council were Gail N. Kemp, 33°, Active Member Emeritus; Daniel M. Wilson, 33°, Active Member and Deputy for New Jersey; and Linda Patch, Director of Communications. The Path Forward team presented a two-hour overview of survey findings from the Scottish Rite's survey and research study conducted in 2016-17, the subsequent creative campaign that grew out of the data, and an in-depth discussion of future plans for membership marketing, recruitment, and retention.

Said Patton R. Hart, Past Grand Master of Kentucky and President of the Masonic Renewal Committee, "The Path Forward team presented invaluable information that will prove beneficial to all Grand Lodges in North America. We are proud to endorse the program through the Masonic Renewal Committee in assisting the Northern and Southern Jurisdictions of Scottish Rite and Grand Lodges today. This membership survey and presentation serve as an outstanding tool and resource for Grand Lodges and Masonic Lodges to implement, pinpoint and concentrate successful efforts to expand membership and retention efforts."

"We are grateful to the Masonic Renewal Committee for inviting representatives from The Path Forward team to present at their meeting," said David A. Glattly, Sovereign Grand Commander, Scottish Rite, NMJ. "To then receive such an endorsement from the committee is a great honor. The Scottish Rite, NMJ is committed to doing all we can— thoughtfully and strategically—to advance Freemasonry over the long term. Working together with groups like the Masonic Renewal Committee makes our collective impact even greater."

To learn more about the work of the Masonic Renewal Committee of North America and to access their online resources and working tools, visit their website.

Masonic Renewal Committee