On Wednesday evening December 6, Sovereign Grand Commander David A. Glattly hosted the first of his quarterly interactive live broadcasts—a new initiative to engage with membership, break down barriers with leadership, and open communication. The event was a resounding success with more than 4,500 viewers and participants tuning in between Facebook Live and the Livestream feed itself. Commander Glattly was joined on stage by Linda Patch, Director of Communications for the Scottish Rite, and Len Cercone, partner in CerconeBrownCompany, the marketing and research firm working with our fraternity.

Members were given an overview of The Path Forward (more on this marketing effort at this link), and heard an articulation of future plans for member service and outreach. The "Not Just a Man. A Mason" ad campaign was presented, and offered free of charge to all Valleys and Grand Lodges that would like to use it.

In keeping with the “Meet the New Guy” theme, Commander Glattly recounted his Masonic journey beginning as a “DeMolay boy from Clifton, New Jersey,” through his blue lodge experience, to the position he holds today. He spoke eloquently of the importance of ritual in our fraternity. Grand Commander Glattly presented a moving overview of the work of the Grand Almoner’s Fund and its impact that ranges from replacing a widow’s roof to helping recent hurricane victims from Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Comments from members in reaction to the event streamed in by the hundreds. Here is a sample.

Hope springs anew. Thank you, SGC.

This was a great presentation! The feedback on the topics was very positive and a breath of fresh air! Commander, we look forward to working with you as much as you look forward to working with us.
--Tom M

What I really like is that I feel connected to Supreme Council.
-- Edsel E

Commander Glattly coming right out of the gate with an opportunity to see leadership, and hear that they want to listen, is great. Kudos.
-- Daniel G

This has been fabulous. Great job & thank you for moving us along into this millennium. Keep it up!
-- Jon D

To be honest, I was very close to demitting. From what I've heard the month or so the changes and new attitude is a welcome change and renewing my interest in keeping my membership.

--Bill L.

The Supreme Council Communications Department is planning to announce a schedule of livestream broadcasts on a variety of topics. In addition to the quarterly “Ask the Commander” event, webcasts with Scottish Rite committee chairs is being organized. Thematic events like “Exploring the Degrees,” and the “Living Masonic Values” are also being considered. If you would like to suggest a webcast idea, feel free to email [email protected]