Scottish Rite Membership Directory

In 2018, your Scottish Rite embarked on a project with PCI, a directory company, to produce for us a progressive and exciting Membership Directory that shows the breadth and depth of our incredible membership. We are excited to say that we have begun the edit process of this massive publication. When it arrived, it’s nearly 10,000 pages were astonishing to see. What is more astonishing, the faces of members and their families therein.As you may know, reviewing a publication of this size will take time.

For those who ordered a Membership Directory, it will be to you, soon! Expect delivery around mid-to-late Spring 2019. Thank you for your patience but we are certain, you will love the final product.

For those who have not yet ordered one, we will have a limited quantity available at when the publication is complete! We will be sure to let you know when that time comes.

Thank you to the more then 60% of Scottish Rite Masons who updated their information for this publication. Here’s to a fantastic and fun 2019!