Every couple of years, David Morgans, 33°, visits San Luis, Mexico for mission trips to Oasis Boys’ Home, where he and fellow members of his church spend a week interacting with children at the orphanage, serving the community, and sharing the Gospel.

In 2014, on the way home to Pittsburgh with his mission group, Morgans thought a team activity before their flight out of Phoenix would be a nice way to conclude the trip. A hike to the top of Camelback Mountain was in order, with Echo Trail serving as the backdrop to ruminate on all they had accomplished during their time in Mexico.

Brother Morgans’ attempt at reaching the summit in 2014 proved to be a unique lesson in leadership, discovering that sometimes one must step aside so that fellow team members may reach the summit. A second attempt to reach the top of Camelback Mountain came in 2016, which instead served as a lesson on the importance of camaraderie and support.

In June of 2018, Morgans again found himself at Camelback Mountain, training the next group of mission leaders, including his son. Would the third time be the charm for reaching the summit?

Find out in Morgans’ first-hand account, “Shadows on the Mountain,” in the Valley of Pittsburgh’s online magazine, RiteNow.

David Morgans, 33°, Secretary in the Valley of Pittsburgh

David Morgans, 33°, currently serves as Secretary in the Valley of Pittsburgh. Morgans has also held the office of 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Lieutenant, and Commander-in-Chief for the Valley of Pittsburgh.