On March 21st, the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction (SRNMJ) hosted a livestream that centered on a discussion of the values of Freemasonry and the SRNMJ. The event, “How Fraternalism Transforms Character,” is the first in an ongoing series that will explore Masonic Values in Everyday Life. The event was attended online by Masons from all over the country who tuned in to check out the new initiative that was created with “members in mind.” In fact, more than 500 joined the broadcast from the livestream platform itself or through Facebook Live.

The Value Livestream program is part of The Path Forward, an initiative that capitalizes on key data findings in order to launch SRNMJ and Freemasonry into the future. Our survey data encapsulated the concept that our members want more: more education, brotherhood, programming etc. Wednesday’s livestream was created in an effort to answer this call from our members for "more".

"I am hearing the speaker say that we need to be more intentional with our education piece of the meetings"

"Thank you everyone, an hour well spent!"

"Looking forward to more..."

Behind the scenes of the livestream

The livestream was hosted by Sandy Karstens, 33°, Valley of Burlington (VT) and John Sullivan, 33°, Valley of Worcester (MA) and moderated by Brother Len Cercone, CEO of CerconeBrownCompany, the marketing agency that represents the SRNMJ. Positioned as a “fireside chat,” our presenters held a thoughtful discussion about how fraternal bonds impact the Scottish Rite, how brotherhood differentiates Freemasonry from other organizations, and why it’s more important than ever in society today. The Brothers fielded questions from the audience via an online discussion with the viewers:

"That self awareness and reflection is very important to make the growth self-directed. Much of the learning the brethren are exposed to is social learning (internalizing from observed examples)"

"One of the beautiful parts of Scottish Rite is how we bring so many Brothers from different lodges together"

Scottish Rite livestream panelists

At the closing of the livestream, an important announcement was made to the audience about the implementation of a SRNMJ forum, created for Scottish Rite members to engage in conversations about history, brotherhood, specific experiences, events, etc. In conjunction with the livestream and forum launch, we hope to foster a community among our members, increasing positive connection, learning and culture throughout the jurisdiction.