There's a renewed energy in the Scottish Rite, NMJ, and our increase in membership this fall reunions reflect that sense of vigor and re-invigoration. Here are five statistics that tell the story. As we continue our Path Forward outreach initiative to improve member communication and increase satisfaction, we have every reason to believe we can look forward to positive trends in the future.

The Total

1,069 New Scottish Rite Masons this fall

The Increase Over the Same Time Last Year

40% increase in new Scottish Rite members

How the States and Valleys are Doing

States and Valleys are exceeding 2017 membership totals

Online Petition is a Success

Note the age group breakdown of petitions submitted. The majority are 50 and under.

More than 400 Scottish Rite petitions were submitted

The Brotherhood shared is the most rewarding aspect of all.

Scottish Rite Month banquet