It is said that, “every new day is another chance to change your life.” This statement is especially true with a strong support system in place. Freemasonry is a Brotherhood that consists of encouragement and care. When life is difficult, the Brothers made through Masonry can be your pillars of strength and friendships that stay by your side. An example of this support system is Masonic & Tonic, an alcoholic support group created by Past Grand Master and recovering alcoholic Neil Neddermeyer, available for all Masons seeking sobriety. Said Brother Neddermeyer, “The ‘tonic’ we offer through this program is meant as a balm, a comfort to the spirit as we with the external support our Brothers need at this critical time.”

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Masonic & Tonic was formed out of “Double Brothers,” a group of Masons who came together to assist each other through the journey of addiction. Brothers in the craft and in sobriety, “Double Brothers” is a support group with the added bonus of group members understanding each other’s Masonic values and moral code.

12 steps to recovery

The goals of Masonic & Tonic are to increase bonding between brothers, show support for those struggling with sobriety, help to foster a successful journey to and in sobriety, urge Masons to seek help, and create a forum for sharing stories and experiences. The group also distributes a support newsletter for Freemasons, as well as for their family and friends, to offer comfort, understanding, and a “you’re not alone” mentality.

Masonic community of support

In addition to its newsletter and support groups, The Masonic & Tonic website is another great resource for brothers grappling with sobriety. On the site, one can find referrals for treatment and recovery groups/addiction organizations in certain areas. Masons can also use the site to ask questions, submit stories, and connect with others. The site hosts a blog, articles, and a “tidbits” section that displays relevant poems and quotes.

Next steps to sobriety

If you or a brother you know are seeking sobriety, please do not hesitate to contact Masonic & Tonic. Follow Masonic & Tonic on Facebook for further news and updates.