The Northern Light has existed for nearly a half century. Throughout its tenure as the communications method of record for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, it has seen much growth and change.

Looking Forward

The Northern Light has always – and always will – work to keep up with the times. This year is one of those turning points that requires a step forward. With a unique confluence of new leadership of the jurisdiction, the advent of “The Path Forward” project, and coinciding with a new designer, we have a golden opportunity to give the magazine a fresh look, both in appearance and content with a strong focus on what our members want to see.

New Content & Design

In addition to the new banner across the cover, page layouts are being refreshed and relevant columns and articles will appear over the coming months. For example, our book reviews section has already undergone change. For many years, the review section was written by a single person. Today, they are penned by several guest authors throughout our 15 states. Features such as “Views from the Past” will shrink, and eventually become an occasional feature, in order to make room for something new. Keep reading as, throughout the coming months, the magazine continues to evolve.