TNL on Air

The Northern Light, the printed voice of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction since 1970, is branching out. The magazine now produces a broadcast series called TNL On Air. The programs, which run an average of two to five minutes, feature stories about members, events, and programs, and provide for jurisdiction-wide announcements. The first episode featured the creation of the “Sammy L. Davis Peace & Freedom Award,” and was debuted at the executive session of the Supreme Council. In the next video, Matt Blaisdell, our creative director, discussed his work updating the Scottish Rite brand. Future shows, already in the works, feature a day in the life on an intern at headquarters and interviews with both Ill. Sammy L. Davis, 33˚, and his wife Dixie Davis. A program on Valley excellence and innovation membership solutions will feature the efforts in Steubenville, OH.

TNL on Air segment

Alan Foulds, editor of The Northern Light explains that “TNL On Air is not intended to replace the printed word. Rather, it is complementary. Stories that translate to video more readily than in print in the magazine will be featured. When we can feature stories in both formats, we will.” TNL On Air will appear on the Scottish Rite NMJ website, the Facebook page, and dedicated YouTube channel, and its link will be distributed through our e-zine, Rite Now.

A transcription from the TNL On Air segment, introducing the new SRNMJ brand guidelines and resources is provided below. Enjoy & stay tuned!

Scottish Rite NMJ logo

TNL On Air Transcript

Matt Blaisdell, a new creative director with the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, was assigned the task of updating the brand identity of the Scottish Rite. Throughout our two centuries the double eagle has been the symbol of the organization, and it will continue in that roll. As part of The Path Forward initiative, the Supreme Council is creating a new “look and feel” to keep up with the times and, more importantly, to give the organization a consistent image.

TNL: Hello Matt.

Matt: Hi. Thanks for having me. I’m excited to be here.

TNL: Let’s start by you telling me a little about yourself. What is your professional and educational background?

Matt: I went to school at Edinboro University in Edinboro, PA, near Erie. After that I was fortunate to begin working for an organization supporting youth groups in Pennsylvania. Since then I’ve had opportunities working for the Hershey Company, and various start-ups, and real estate companies, giving me the chance to build up a resume on different projects and different companies to have a lot of experience in my field. That has given me the chance to come here and use those outside experiences for projects here at Scottish Rite.

TNL: What exactly is the task you were given? Then, how did you go about completing it?

Matt: About three months ago when I started here I was tasked with the goal of defining our brand. There are so many variations of our eagle, we had to define our eagle – our true mark, the one we want to put out to the world and market ourselves with. The process included creating sketches upon sketches, tons of variations, how the head tilts, the number of feathers, and differing styles of feathers. We went into in-depth discussions on how we are promoting this brand, and what this eagle represents for the jurisdiction.

TNL: Can you talk about some examples?

Matt: In some cases, the wingspan was a little wider and a bit more open. Some had a slightly tighter wingspan. We tried different heads for the eagle. There’s a lot of subtlety to it – a lot of intricacies and detail that we put into our finalized brand.

TNL: I know that there is a lot of symbolism involved in just about everything the Masons do. Did you incorporate any of this into your designs?

Matt: If you look at the wings, count the number of feathers. Think about the number of degrees that we have. There are 32 feathers. We put a lot of thought into how our brand uses symbolism – how Freemasonry in general uses symbolism, and we incorporated that into our identity.

TNL: How do you see this branding being used – outside the obvious, such as official documents and stationery?

Matt: Looking down the road I want to see this on a billboard. I want to see it bigger than we’ve ever seen it before. We have the resources. We have the interest. I want us to do something really cool with it. It’s more than just a logo.

TNL: Thanks, Matt, for all this info. Any final comments before we close?

Matt: I’m more than happy to talk brands with anyone. Feel free to email me, message me, call me, or whatever. My address is [email protected] TNL: Again, thank you very much, Matt.