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Celebrating Membership, Encouraging Growth
The Annual Membership Fund Appeal

You're looking at just one of the shipments of our handsome embossed tie cases and Friend-to-Friend themed coasters to those of you who supported our membership appeal. Thank you!

The Scottish Rite Annual Membership Fund appeal asks for your support to enhance the member experience for. By now you should have received a letter in the mail recognizing your initiation year in the Scottish Rite and our journey together on a new path forward.

We are seeing positive impacts in our symbolic lodges within states that have embraced The Path Forward initiative. This impact is translating into a wave of excitement within many of our Scottish Rite Valleys. We can’t let that energy wane; we must continue to work towards a better member experience, not just for our new Brothers, but also our existing members.

You have already started to see and hear about the programs begun at the Supreme Council in response to member needs and input. Here’s a brief recap:

  • Hauts Grades Academy is our premier online educational experience for Brothers who want to delve deeper into the degrees and history of the Scottish Rite.
  • We have built a discussion forum on the website where Brothers throughout the jurisdiction communicate, connect and share. Register in the member center and get in on the conversation.
  • An online application is up providing more convenience to today’s modern Mason. Our Valley Secretaries will now have more time to focus on you, the member.
  • Our very popular interactive livestream programs allow you, and Masons across the country, to explore our values, our obligation, and develop a vision for the future.

So this year, as part of our Annual Membership Fund appeal we are asking for YOUR TIME, YOUR TALENT, and your treasure. On the contribution page, you can also click through to tell us how you would like to get involved with a local Valley. Each of these responses will be read and passed along to the membership committee and Valley Secretary.

Thank you in advance for your contributions so we can continue to be innovative and provide new programs for YOU. Click here for more information and to make an online contribution. Warm fraternal thanks for your support.