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Find a degree in New York

A Master Mason seeks divine guidance

Two sons of Aaron, corrupted by greed and ambition, allow the sacred flame to extinguish.

    • Valley of New York City
    • Valley of The Hudson
      • Reunion - December 12th, 2023, 7:30pm (EST)

        5th Degree Dramatic Reading

        Location:  9 Courtland Street, Middletown, NY, 10940
        Details:  To RSVP, email [email protected] or text or call Aram Adishian, 917-327-1712. Local Valley members use MOL.

When the children of Israel encounter a rough and dangerous journey through the desert, they rebel against Moses and God.

A dispute among the workmen where honesty and justice prevail.

Based on the Old Testament story of King David and his assignment to his son, the future King Solomon.

Men encounter dangers as they search for the lost word.

The essence of Symbolic Masonry is compiled in lessons of the Lodge of Perfection.

Zerubbabel, even when tempted, would not violate his obligations.

The court of King Darius contemplates what motivates man.

The degree dramatizes human failure, as well as social and moral behavior. The Book of Life is sealed.

The teachings of Jesus of Nazareth are used to exemplify the universal principles of life.

Along the Oregon Trail in the 1840s, one pioneer lives up to his sacred obligation to care for his Brother.

    • Valley of The Hudson
      • Reunion - January 18th, 2024, 7:00pm (EST)

        19th Degree

        Location:  11 Carpenter Ave, Mount Kisco, NY, 10549
        Details:  To RSVP, email [email protected] or text or call Aram Adishian, 917-327-1712. Local Valley members use MOL. Digital degree in lodge room only, not online.

Benedict Arnold seeks pardon for his treason.

A Brother is introduced to wood cutters who test his willingness to put aside his rank and status.

    • Valley of Buffalo
      • Reunion - March 1st, 2024, 6:29pm (EST)

        March Stated Meeting

        Location:  Valley of Buffalo, 2379 UNION ROAD, CHEEKTOWAGA, NY, 14227-2234
        Details:  Approve the Budget

Based on a true incident during World War II and the heroic actions of Four Chaplains.

While attending St. Andrew's Lodge at the Green Dragon Tavern, Brothers Warren and Dawes come to the aid of an injured Brother.

The degree dramatically teaches us to choose between personal advancement and service to humanity.