Celebrating Scottish Rite Legacies

The legacy of Freemasonry is built on stories of generations. Brothers have carried on the core values of our Fraternity to spread our mission of building men of character for centuries.

The legacy of Scottish Rite Freemasonry creates a special bond with our Brothers, and with the long line of Scottish Rite Masons who have come before us. This Fall, we are honoring and celebrating the legacy that is the cornerstone of our fraternity. Read below to be inspired by the touching Masonic legacy of Brother Tom Ewald, 32°.

“It’s because of my father I am where I am in Freemasonry today.”

My father, Emil Ewald, 33°, became a Scottish Rite Mason in the spring 1964 Class in the Milwaukee Valley.

In 1998 my 3 brothers and I all became Master Masons together (first time in Wisconsin and all 4 sons became Master Masons together!)

My brother Craig and I joined Scottish Rite in 2000 and today I am PCIC (2016) and a 33° elect.

In 2002, my 2 other brothers, Brian and Dan, became Scottish Rite Masons.

In 2017, my Stepson Ryan and all 4 nephews, Eric, Jay, Kevin,
and Brett, became Master Masons through Wisconsin's Day of Light program. If not for this contemporary approach they would not have been able to join, much less together, like their fathers.

Brother Ewald and his family during a Masonic ceremony.
Brother Ewald and his family during a Masonic ceremony.

In 2018, my father, Emil, was the class honoree for the Milwaukee Valley spring Reunion. My stepson, Ryan, and nephews, Eric and Brett, became 32° Scottish Rite Masons in their Grandpa's class.

Freemasonry is well-rooted in our family's 3rd generation and is a proud part of our family's legacy.

My Father Emil is on his way to turning 93 this summer and is a WW2 Navy Veteran. My sincere hope is that an interview of our entire family might serve as a strong example for Freemasonry and Scottish Rite to inspire others to "close the gap" between a Grandfather and Grandson, or a Father and Son.