Celebrating Scottish Rite Legacies

The legacy of Freemasonry is built on stories of generations. Brothers have carried on the core values of our Fraternity to spread our mission of building men of character for centuries.

The legacy of Scottish Rite Freemasonry creates a special bond with our Brothers, and with the long line of Scottish Rite Masons who have come before us. This Fall, we are honoring and celebrating the legacy that is the cornerstone of our fraternity. Read below to be inspired by the touching Masonic legacy of Brother Christopher Sova, 33°.

“Freemasonry is ingrained in our family.”

I am a first-generation Freemason. I have looked through-out my family tree and have yet to find anyone else as a Freemason in Michigan. My younger brother has joined the fraternity. Together. we hope we can leave a legacy for our family to be proud of.

I currently have a three-year-old daughter with another daughter one on the way. I do not know if I will have a son to carry on the male lineage of Masonry but I know that Freemasonry has had a big impact on not only my daughter, but my wife. I have been a Mason since I was 19, well before I was married or became a father, so it has always been a part of our family in that way. My wife works for our local Children's Dyslexia Center, as well as worked in our Valley's office. My daughter has tagged along ever since she was born.

Brothers Joshua Sova (right) and Chris Sova (left)
Brothers Joshua Sova (right) and Chris Sova (left)

I am currently the secretary of the Bay City Scottish Rite and for my local lodge, so, needless to say, Freemasonry is ingrained in our family. We have spent many hours at our local Valley. Freemasonry is not just a “me” thing but a “we”. I know that my family will be taken care of if anything is to ever happen to me. The values of freemasonry are not just shared by myself, but with my family, and are values that will make for a great life.