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Create An Account: Click on the Member Center - Sign In button. In the pop-up window click on "Not Yet Registered" towards the bottom. Enter your Member Number and Date of Birth and then click on the yellow find button. On the second screen enter your email address and account password followed by clicking on the yellow register button. You will receive an email confirmation to complete your account registration.

Login Assistance: If you need additional assistance logging in to the member center or have questions about your membership, please contact our support team via the chat/help icon or you can call our help desk at (781) 465-3352. A step-by-step guide can also be found here.

Virtual Reunion Candidates: If you are a candidate for a Virtual Reunion, please click here to be redirected to our Virtual Reunion website registration form. You will need to input your member number and follow the prompts. Prior to the event you will need to login at to witness the degrees. Once you have witnessed the 4° and that has been updated on your member record, you will be able to access the Member Center on the Scottish Rite, NMJ site.

32° Celebration Candidates: If you are a candidate for our 32° Celebration, please click here to login and register. Please note that to be eligible to witness the 32° for the first time, you must have witnessed a minimum of four degrees. This includes the 4°, along with three additional degrees in any order.