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When Sovereign Grand Commander David A. Glattly, 33° took office in 2017, he promised to continue to make membership a priority and instill pride in being a 32° Scottish Rite Mason. Over the last year, you have seen through the enhanced Northern Light and digital media, Scottish Rite Month, and increased Valley activity. The Supreme Council continues to commit more resources to assist your Valley in enhancing the Scottish Rite Experience for members and their families.

Through our members’ support of last year’s Member Education Fund Appeal, we were able to develop a First Year Membership Plan that included a 32° Member Kit which was sent to the more than 1,700 new Sublime Princes in 2018. We were able to recognize our 50 Year members with a commemorative coin. We designed a program to honor our Veterans, which in the coming months. And we continue to work with our Valley leaders to communicate and engage you, our member.

We have accomplished a lot over the last year, and have only just begun. There is a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm throughout the Jurisdiction. Please help us continue this momentum by donating to the 2019 Member Education Fund Appeal. Your donation will assist in providing and expanding educational opportunities available to you and your Scottish Rite Brothers.

By donating $75 or more, you will receive a Scottish Rite, NMJ branded portable phone charger, to ensure you don’t miss capturing some of those major life moments.

Donation Are Now Tax Deductible
Donations to the Member Education Fund are now tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable. Thank you in advance for your anticipated donation to the Member Education Fund! We are forever grateful for your membership and dedication to Freemasonry and the Scottish Rite.

Thank you for being a Scottish Rite Mason, and helping us share the experience and light of Freemasonry.

Want to be more involved in your Valley?
In addition to your contribution, we can also help you get more involved in your Valley. Just click here to fill out a simple form that we will pass on to your Valley leadership.