Scottish Rite Month 2018

Scottish Rite Month is an opportunity for all members across the jurisdiction to collectively participate in events that highlight and promote the benefits of being a 32° Freemason and instill a sense of pride in membership in the Scottish Rite. During this month, the Supreme Council will highlight the values of Reverence for God, Devotion to Country, Integrity, Justice, Toleration, and Service. We encourage our state organizations, Valleys, and members to plan and host activities throughout the month as well.

Scotty the Eagle

Part of the awesomeness of your membership in the Scottish Rite is knowing that you are part of something bigger than yourself. The goal of our charities is to have a positive impact on the lives of people in our communities. In furtherance of those two sentiments, we have developed a jurisdiction-wide promotion for the month of November. The goal is to incorporate all Valleys and build toward one shared cause. We have designed a Scottish Rite Eagle stuffed animal that can be purchased either for yourself, or, even better, for a child or children in your life that need a little cheering up, or to let them know you were thinking of them. For every eagle purchased, the Supreme Council will donate an eagle on behalf of the Valley to a local children’s charity in that area. This activity will have a positive impact on a friend, relative, neighbor, etc. and also share that goodwill with the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital, local children’s hospital, Toys for Tots, or other local charity.

State-wide Activities

On a single day, members/casts from all Valleys in the state come together and put on degree work, host a meal/ reception, or any other activity that promotes the presence of the greater Scottish Rite community and shows the members they are part of something bigger than their individual Valley.

Valley Activities

Throughout the month, the Valley will host events that bring members together and engage in activities for the betterment of their members, recruit new members, celebrate their members, etc.

Individual Activities

The core of what we are is contained in our vision statement. It is the duty of each Brother to lend a hand to another Brother in need. At this very local level, members can participate in Scottish Rite Month by having personal interactions with other Brothers. This can happen in any community, anywhere there are two or more Freemasons. Examples of these types of activities are Brother-to-Brother calling/note writing, visiting widows, visiting shut-ins, deliver meals, take a member to lunch/coffee, “Help a Mason” by assisting with lawn care, transporting to doctors’ appointments, or other needs. We hope through the programs of this month it will reignite your passion as a member and remind you of the reason you joined the Scottish Rite.