17°-18° Degree Summaries

A Chapter of Rose Croix has the responsibility to confer the 17° - 18° which are referred to as the “philosophical degrees.” Both degrees use the Book of Life to advance the concept of avoiding the mistakes of the past.

17th Degree - Knight of the East and West

The degree dramatizes a picture of human failure, and social and moral behavior. The book of life is sealed. Philosophy: We must seek truth in our way of life and should learn from, and avoid, repeating the errors of the past. Core Values: Reverence for God & Service.

18th Degree - Knight of the Rose Croix of H. R. D. M.

The teachings of Jesus of Nazareth are used to exemplify the universal principles of life. Philosophy: The Book of Life is opened. The new law is a law of love, which all men everywhere may understand and practice. Core Values: Integrity.