Test Your Knowledge

How much do you know about Freemasonry in all these different categories?


Hollywood Masonic Temple, home of the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show, was used as a Masonic Temple until what year?


Oliver Hardy, the famous commedian of Laurel and Hardy, was made a freemason at Solomon Lodge No. 20 in?

 Toledo, OH
 Philadelphia, PA
 Jacksonville, FL
 Hollywood, CA

In 1925, at the height of his movie career, actor Harold Lloyd became a Freemason at Alexander Hamilton Lodge No. 535 in

 Buffalo, NY
 Burlington, VT
 Hollywood, CA
 Nashua, NH

Best known for his role in the silent movies: The Thief of Bagdad, The Mark of Zorro, and Robin Hood, which American actor was a Freemason?

 Guy Williams
 Douglas Fairbanks
 Noah Beery, Sr.
 Antonio Banderas

Bro. W.C. Fields was born William Claude Dukenfield in?

 Albany, NY
 Lexington, MA
 Cliffton, NJ
 Darby, PA

Known as the founding father of the cinema of the United States, which Brother Freemason was an acknowledged American filmmaker?

 Cecil B. DeMille
 Kevin Spacey
 John Travolta
 Peter Sellers

Which American Actor and Freemason was a founder of United Artists in 1919?

 Frank E. Woods
 Henry Walthall
 Charlie Chaplin
 David W. Griffith

Marion Mitchell Morrison was a famous American actor who was active in the Order of DeMolay and professionally known as?

 John Wayne
 Robert Mitchum
 Gary Cooper
 Gary Grant

A member of Hollwyood Lodge No. 355 and The Scottish Rite Valley of Los Angeles, this American Singer and Actor was known as the "King of Cowboys".

 Roy Rogers
 John Wayne
 Gary Grant
 Richard Burton

This Illustrious Brother was made a Mason at Catoosa Lodge No. 185 in Oklahoma in 1927 and was a famous for his Christmas songs "Here Comes Santa Claus" & "Frosty the Snowman".

 Robert Mitchum
 Gene Autry
 Roy Rogers
 Gray Cooper

In what Disney movie did Nicholas Cage play a historian who is on the hunt for a treasure hidden by the Founding Fathers who were Freemasons?

 Lord of War
 National Treasure
 The Rock
 Face Off

Which movie star played the leading role in the 2013 movie "The Freemason?"

 Sean Connery
 Nicholas Cage
 Sean Astin
 Woody Allen

Based on a 1901 play by Leo Ditrichstein, in which 1915 silent movie does John Barrymore pretend to be a Mason as an excuse to stay out of the house?

 The Secret
 Brother Hiram
 Are you a Mason?
 To be or not to be

Leo Ditrichstein adopted his 1901 play 'Are you a Mason' from a play titled 'Die Logenbruder' which became commonly known as?

 The Freemason
 The Lodge Brother
 The Master Craftsman
 The Stone Mason

Are you a Mason?' was redone with two men pretending to be Masons to impress each other. What year did this movie first come out?


In what 1916 movie was there a mention of a lodge apron, goat and a third degree?

 The fellow Mason
 The Brotherhood
 Bobby Bumps start at Lodge
 The Illuminati

Which Brother Mason was raised in Beverly Hills Lodge No. 528 and received an Oscar for his role in the 1934 movie "It Happened One Night?"

 Sean Connery
 Clark Gable
 John Wayne
 Charlie Chaplin

Which Brother and famous actor enlisted in the Air Force in WWII resigning with the rank of major?

 Douglas Fairbanks
 Clark Gable
 Gary Cooper
 John Wayne

Initiated into the Order of DeMolay and later into Lodge No. 188 in Portland, Oregon, which Brother Mason was known as the "Man of 1000 Voices?"

 Mel Blanc
 Will Rogers
 Eddie Murphy
 Matt Leblanc

Which comedian Brother was a member of Service City Geba Lodge No. 1009, Astoria, NY and known for his appearances in The Dean Martin Show and The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson?

 Bob Newhart
 Lorne Greene
 Rodney Dangerfield
 Don Rickles