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We are the men of 32° Scottish Rite Freemasonry™. Select, worthy, and deeply bound by our Core Values: Integrity, Justice, Service to Humanity, Tolerance, Devotion to Country, and Reverence for God.

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A Night of Charity Giving Tuesday 2022 03

What's Happening

Thank You for Your Generosity!

On November 29th, Supreme Council held "A Night of Charity" to celebrate the incredible work of our Scottish Rite Charities for Giving Tuesday. Through the generosity of our Brethren both at our in-person fundraiser and livestream telethon, we were able to raise over $490,000, with donations still coming in!

Thank you to all who played a role in making our 5th annual Giving Tuesday celebration such a success. Because of your kindness and generosity, our charities can continue to make a difference in the lives of our Brethren and communities.

If you were not able to attend and would like to make a gift to our Scottish Rite Charities, you can do so at any time here.