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The Journey Begins in the Heart.

Always in the Heart.

We are the men of 32° Scottish Rite Freemasonry™. Select, worthy, and deeply bound by our Core Values: Integrity, Justice, Service to Humanity, Tolerance, Devotion to Country, and Reverence for God.

Do you feel the call of Scottish Rite Freemasonry? Look inside for the answer.

Sep Purple

Introducing: The Call

Today, the world can feel like it's lost its way. That no matter how close we are, the further apart we feel, and that truth belongs to whoever shouts the loudest.

Introducing "The Call," our newest video in the Not Just A Man. A Mason. campaign. We invite you to watch and join us in reaffirming the vow we, as Masons, took when we joined as Entered Apprentices.

We invite you to watch “The Call” and learn more about Not Just a Man. A Mason.


What's Happening

Thursday Night at the Rite
Biweekly, March 2 - April 13, 2023

The announcement you've been waiting for! Thursday Night at the Rite returns for season four. This season brings you:

  • Lesser-seen degrees to help you fill your degree passport
  • Degrees exemplified by Valleys from across the NMJ
  • World premiere of the new, cinematic production of the 20°, Ad Vitam
  • Opportunities for fraternal fellowship, discussion, and reflection on each of the degrees shown

We can't wait to see you at Thursday Night at the Rite!

Check out the full schedule and mark your calendar.

20° Encore Presentation
Wednesday, April 19, 8 PM ET

Brothers, we heard your requests! Get ready for Thursday Night at the Rite...this time on a Wednesday!

We'll be presenting an ENCORE presentation of our cinematic production of the 20°, Master Ad Vitam on April 19 at 8 PM ET. If you missed the season premiere, this is your chance to check the 20° off your passport! Save the date for our last TNR this spring.

That's not all - we're offering one final Join the Rite Night! Candidates can register to join us online on 3/19 at 7:30 PM ET to watch the 4°, be initiated into our fraternity, and gain immediate access to the season finale of TNR. Candidates and members are welcome, save your spot.

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