As Scottish Rite Masons, one of the Core Values we strive to exemplify is Service to Humanity. Through the work of our Charities, our members are able to make a meaningful difference in their communities and the lives of others.

The Scottish Rite Benevolent Foundation is the epicenter of our Fraternity's charitable efforts as it provides sustained and generous support to: the Children's Dyslexia Centers, the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library, the Leon M. Abbott Scholarship Fund, the Grand Almoner's Fund, and the Membership Education Fund. These five Scottish Rite charities enable us to sustain and advance our mission — the mission to care for our members and those in need.

Grand Almoner’s Fund

Grand Almoner's Fund recipients

The Scottish Rite Grand Almoner’s Fund provides hope and assistance to Masons, Masonic families and widows facing unexpected hardships. From hurricanes, floods and fires to medical emergencies, accidents and funerals – the Almoner’s Fund is there to help people in some of their darkest moments.

Take a closer look at some of our incredible stories of hope that have come out of our Grand Almoner's Fund:

2022 Grand Almoner's Brochure
Angel of the Waters

Photo: Tammy and Phoenix Bridegroom of Chesterton, IN, part of our Scottish Rite family. Her father, John, is a member of the Scottish Rite.

Children’s Dyslexia Centers, Inc.

Student at Children's Dyslexia Center

“Helping youth deal with a disorder that interferes with life’s most simple tasks.”

Millions of children with dyslexia endure frustration and demoralization as they struggle to acquire skills that many of us take for granted. If your child is struggling with reading and writing, how do you know if dyslexia is the cause? Where can you go for help?

For over two decades, the Scottish Rite Masons, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, have been national leaders in the effort to help children and their families overcome the painful obstacles of dyslexia. With more than 40 Dyslexia Centers in 13 states, the Children's Dyslexia Centers tackle the challenge of dyslexia head-on, by providing free tutoring for children with dyslexia and training a growing cadre of highly skilled and dedicated tutors.

Visit our website for more information.

Photo: Student at work at The Children’s Dyslexia Center of Upper Wisconsin

Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library

Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library

Established in 1975 by the Scottish Rite Freemasons of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library tells the story of Freemasonry and fraternalism in the context of American history. Unique in the nation, the museum aims to be the “historical society” of American Freemasonry by collecting, preserving, interpreting, and celebrating the history of fraternalism. We pay special attention to the history of the Scottish Rite and strive to serve the Masonic community. Visit the Museum & Library website to learn more.

Leon M. Abbott Scholarships

“Helping those who most need it strive for greater heights”

The Supreme Council is pleased to announce an expansion of the eligibility criteria for Abbott Scholarship awards. Named for Leon M. Abbott, Sovereign Grand Commander from 1921 to 1932, the Abbott Scholarship Program provides financial support for the continuing undergraduate and graduate education of Scottish Rite Masons, young men and women from Scottish Rite families, and Masonic-related youth groups.

Eligibility: Those meeting any of the following criteria are eligible to apply for the Abbott Scholarship program for undergraduate studies:

  • A Scottish Rite Mason of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction
  • A student directly related (bloodline or by legal means) to a Scottish Rite Mason in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction

A Scottish Rite Mason, or a member of a youth organization sponsored by the Masonic fraternity in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction who is:

  • A high school senior, currently accepted at an accredited trade school who has attained a minimum grade point average of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale.
  • A high school senior, or undergraduate, or graduate student currently enrolled at an accredited college or university.

To apply, applicants should print the form, complete it, and mail it to the appropriate Valley secretary. Applicants should submit their application to the Valley of the sponsor of the applicant.

To apply, please visit our Abbott Scholarships page.

Photo: Ill. Bro. Charles L. Klingaman, 33°, presented Jacob Stahley with an Abbott Scholarship at a Valley of Bloomsburg event.

Membership Education Fund

The Membership Education Fund was established to provide the tools needed to continue building a better tomorrow for the Scottish Rite.

We have been able to livestream educational content, create informative orientation materials for new members, establish the Hauts Grades Academy for those seeking further light from our degrees, and much more. All of these programs share the same goals – to educate our members and grow our Fraternity.