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What is Journey On?

Journey On is the new, inspiring campaign for the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, designed to accomplish two objectives:

-Inspire current members to reconnect with what it means to be a Scottish Rite Mason, and to reaffirm the power and fulfillment that comes with seeking more light. Scottish Rite Masons will reawaken to their singularity as men committed to journeying deeper into the highest principles and ideals of the Masonic Craft while bound in Brotherhood to other worthy, like-minded men.

-Introduce Blue Lodge Masons to our organization. Masons are committed to finding a deeper sense of purpose by exploring the highest principles, teachings, and ideals of our Craft. Our hope is to inspire more men to continue their journey in Freemasonry through our degrees, Core Values, and sharing fraternal Brotherhood with other Scottish Rite Masons.


What does it mean to Journey On?

Journey On is about continuing one’s growth as a man and as a Mason. In the Blue Lodge, we learn the profound secrets and lessons of Freemasonry. For most, it is a life-changing experience driven by self-realization, self-improvement, and spiritual awakening. Men of the Scottish Rite journey on through 29 degrees – degrees that expand Masonic teachings in order to help good men become the most noble versions of themselves.

Watch the video on our Core Value, Tolerance.


How does a Master Mason continue his journey in Scottish Rite?

Freemasons are known as travelling men. Masons are charged with travelling from the west to the source of light in the east. Light in Masonry is knowledge, and from that knowledge comes awareness, understanding, and wisdom.

The 29 Scottish Rite degrees reflect our Core Values and provide a rich path to “more light” in Masonry. Through the degrees, educational resources, and shared experiences with Brethren from across the jurisdiction, there is no end to the symbolic journey a Master Mason can take within the Scottish Rite.

Watch our Cove Value video, Service to Humanity.


What are the Core Values of Scottish Rite?

Scottish Rite Freemasonry is guided by six Core Values:

Reverence for God | Integrity | Justice | Tolerance
Service to Humanity | Devotion to Country

Collectively, the Core Values represent our guide stars for our dealings within Freemasonry and outside the fraternity. A large part of the Journey On campaign explores the power of these values in everyday life.

Watch the Core Value video, Reverence for God.


Why are we presenting Journey On now?

First, we developed the “Not Just a Man. A Mason.” campaign to attract worthy men to Blue Lodge Freemasonry. And it’s working.

Now with Journey On, we are inviting all Master Masons to continue answering the call to journey deeper into the Craft they love and explore the teachings they crave. What’s more, Journey On is meant to inspire Freemasons to persevere as men of integrity and light, especially in challenging times.

You can watch the Core Value video on Integrity here.


What’s the difference between Not Just a Man. A Mason. and Journey On?

Not Just a Man. A Mason. focuses on helping men take the first step to becoming a Freemason. Journey On reminds Master Masons that there is always more to answering the call; there is no last step in our journey through the Craft.

Watch our Core Value video on Devotion to Country.


How will the campaign be used? What does it include?

The Journey On campaign will be used to inspire more Master Masons to consider the Scottish Rite as a way to continue their growth as men and as Masons. It consists of seven videos and print ads that will be shared with Valleys throughout the 15 states in our Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. The campaign also include accompanying signage, informational pieces, social, website assets, and more that can be used by each Valley for their marketing efforts, as well as by our members for personal use. Visit our Journey On assets page for further details on our campaign resources.

Watch the Journey On anthem video here.