Our Vision

We will strive to be a fraternity that fulfills our Masonic obligation to care for our members.
32° Scottish Rite Freemasonry seeks to strengthen the community and believes that each man should act in civil life according to his individual judgment and the dictates of his conscience.

Our Mission

Inspire our members by emphasizing our Core Values: Reverence for God, Devotion to Country, Integrity, Justice, Tolerance and Service to Humanity. Ensure that activities are convenient. Provide enjoyable programs and fraternal fellowship.
Inspiration - Convenience - Enjoyment

Our Values

32° Scottish Rite Masonry expands upon the fundamental principles of Freemasonry, exploring Masonic teachings more deeply. Building upon the ethical and philosophical teachings of the Blue Lodge, 32° Scottish Rite Freemasonry reveals a wealth of knowledge about Masonry not found in the other degrees. It seeks to enrich the philosophy of the Symbolic Lodge in order to help good men become even better and continue their Masonic journey.

A member of 32° Scottish Rite Freemasonry seeks to:

Aid mankind’s search for identity and destiny in God’s universe

Produce wiser men in a wiser world, happier men in a happier world, and therefore better men in a better world

Promote the dignity of every person and the humanity in all activities

Our Core Values are:

Reverence for God

Devotion to Country




Service to Humanity

32 ° Scottish Rite Freemasonry

32° Logo
33° Logo

32° Scottish Rite Freemasonry is a way for a Mason to build upon the ethical teachings and philosophy offered in the craft lodge (also known as Blue Lodge), which consists of the first three degrees of Freemasonry: Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason. It seeks to enrich the philosophy of the Symbolic Lodge in order to help good men become even better, and mentor other Masons to do the same. Scottish Rite Freemasonry continues these degrees, from 4° to 32°. A Scottish Rite Freemason may attain the 33°, which is an honor bestowed for outstanding service to the Brotherhood.

Each Valley has up to four Scottish Rite bodies, and each body confers a set of degrees. In the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, the bodies are the Lodge of Perfection, Council of Princes of Jerusalem, Chapter of Rose Croix, and Consistory.


Lodge of Perfection

(4° - 14°)

Council of Princes of Jerusalem

(15° - 16°)

Chapter of Rose Croix

(17° - 18°)


(19° - 32°)