Join the Rite Night is a virtual joining opportunity for Scottish Rite, NMJ candidates.

On select Thursdays during the Thursday Night at the Rite broadcast season, candidates are initiated into our fraternity by witnessing the 4°: Builder online, a requisite for becoming a Scottish Rite member.

Simply put, Join the Rite Nights allow accepted Master Masons to jumpstart their journey to the 32° online through a virtual initiation event. Candidates will witness the 4th degree, interact with fellow Brothers and NMJ leaders, and officially become a Scottish Rite Mason.

Best of all, following each Join the Rite Night is our signature Thursday Night at the Rite broadcast. Candidates who attend a Join the Rite Night are immediately eligible to join Brethren from across the jurisdiction to witness another degree production, and share in learning and fellowship. Each degree received during Thursday Night at the Rite takes you one step closer to being eligible for the revered 32°.

The next Join the Rite Night season will begin in early 2023. We will update this page with specific information as soon as the season dates are confirmed.

In the meantime, if you’re eager to begin your Scottish Rite journey, you can witness the 4° in person at a Valley Reunion or degree date. Click here to find degree dates near you.