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Enhancing the Scottish Rite Experience

Membership Education Fund

More Knowledge. More Light.

The Membership Education Fund provides Brothers with the tools needed to continue building a better tomorrow for the Scottish Rite. Programs like our popular Thursday Night at the Rite unite thousands of Brothers from around the world as they come together to connect and take in the lessons of our degrees. The Hauts Grades Academy delivers a comprehensive educational opportunity for members seeking more light as they continue their quest for self-improvement, and the Scottish Rite Pathfinder Program provides a road map for Brothers to experience all that the fraternity has to offer.

Learn More About These Programs

  • Thursday Night at the Rite

    Virtual degree programming offered to members annually. Thousands of Brothers gather online to witness our inspiring degree productions.

    Discover Online Degrees
  • Hauts Grades Academy

    32° Scottish Rite, NMJ Masons more deeply explore our 29 degrees through in-depth study and reflection.

    Explore In-Depth Degree Study
  • Pathfinder

    Interactive member program to help Brothers uncover the road that best serves their needs and interests.

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Help for the Journey

Our fraternity is constantly striving to better serve our members by creating educational opportunities to help them along their Masonic journey, such as our wildly successful Thursday Night at the Rite programming. All of our member programs share the same goals – to educate our members and grow our Fraternity. None of these experiences would be possible without your support of the Membership Education Fund.

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