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The Scottish Rite degrees, 4° - 32°, are presentations of the ethical and philosophical teachings of Freemasonry that build on the lessons from the Symbolic Lodge.

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Scottish Rite Degree Work

Our Scottish Rite degrees help good men become even better.

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Scottish Rite Degrees Explained

The Scottish Rite is often referred to as the “University of Freemasonry” because our degrees help men journey deeper into their Masonic education. Through examination of different philosophies, religions, and ethics, the degrees help Scottish Rite Masons reflect on their lives and find their own answers to universal questions.

  • Scottish Rite Degrees Explained

    What is a Degree?

    The Symbolic Lodge, also known as Blue Lodge, consists of the first three degrees of Freemasonry: Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason.

    The Scottish Rite offers 29 additional degrees (4° - 32°) that provide a deeper exploration of Masonic philosophies taught in Blue Lodge. Additionally, each degree illuminates one or more of the Scottish Rite, NMJ core values: Reverence for God, Service to Humanity, Integrity, Justice, Tolerance, and Devotion to Country.

  • Scottish Rite Degrees Explained

    How Can I Witness a Degree?

    Eligible degree candidates and Scottish Rite Masons can witness degrees by attending an in-person Valley Reunion, online Join the Rite Night, or by scheduling a Rite on the Road degree viewing with their local Valley secretary.

    If you are interested in more deeply exploring the philosophies of Freemasonry, learn more about joining us and submit a member application.

  • Scottish Rite Degrees Explained

    What is it Like to Witness a Degree?

    Witnessing the Scottish Rite degrees is a powerful experience. The dramatic storytelling reinforces the lessons of Masonic philosophy and teachings, presenting thought-provoking situations that Brothers eagerly discuss afterwards. Scottish Rite Brothers often watch the degrees more than once, finding new insights each time.

  • Scottish Rite Degrees Explained

    How Can I Learn More About the Degrees?

    Explore the degree pages on our website to learn more about the storyline, philosophy, core values, and history of each degree. The Scottish Rite also provides a suite of member-focused programming and resources to help Masons gain more knowledge and insight into the Craft.

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Experience a Scottish Rite Degree

The Scottish Rite degrees are dramatic presentations of allegories, staged with costumes, scenery, and special effects to highlight the dramatic elements of the story.

Collaboration among Scottish Rite Brothers brings the degrees to life. Brothers bring their unique interests and talents to each production. Roles range from actors to wardrobe and makeup to stage crew. Brothers who participate create lifelong fraternal bonds and memories.

Learn more about the storyline, philosophy, core values, and history of each degree by exploring the degrees below.

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Download your free printable poster of the Scottish Rite degrees. This list of Masonic degrees is a reminder that there's always more light to be gained.