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17° - Knight of the East and West

Scottish Rite, NMJ 17th Degree: Knight of the East and West poster


The degree dramatizes a picture of human failure, and social and moral behavior. The Book of Life is sealed.


We must seek truth in our way of life and should learn from, and avoid, repeating the errors of the past.


Reverence for God & Service to Humanity


The Chapter of Rose Croix Degrees

The Chapter of Rose Croix confers the 17th and 18th degrees, known as the philosophical degrees. 

These degrees make use of Christian symbols and historical settings, but their spiritual message is universal for all Masons, who are united in the belief of a Supreme Being. Both degrees use the Book of Life to advance the concept of avoiding the mistakes of the past.

The term “Rose Croix” literally means “rose cross,” and is derived from the symbol of the order of the Rosicrucians: a rose on a cross. Aspects of the Scottish Rite’s 18th degree, Knight of the Rose Croix, were inspired by Rosicrucianism.

The Makings of the 17th Degree

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