Starting a Community: Scottish Rite Forum Launch

Brotherly love and fraternalism make up the core of the Scottish Rite. In order to enhance these pillars, we have created a forums section on our newly designed website. Read more

“How Fraternalism Transforms Character” Livestream Recap

On March 21st, the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction (SRNMJ) hosted a livestream that centered on a discussion of the values of Freemasonry and the SRNMJ. The event, “How Fraternalism Transforms Character”, is the first in an ongoing series that will explore Masonic Values in Everyday Life.  Read more

George Washington, President and Freemason

George Washington remains a steadfast pillar of the United States; a man who stood for justice, loyalty, and freedom. He was the country’s backbone for many years. His set of values were cemented in those of Blue Lodge Freemasonry, making it no surprise that today George Washington stands as a prominent figure in Masonic history.  Read more

Taking the Next Steps with Masonic & Tonic

When life is difficult, the Brothers made through Masonry can be your pillars of strength and friendships that stay by your side. An example of this support system is Masonic & Tonic, an alcoholic support group created by Past Grand Master and recovering alcoholic Neil Neddermeyer, available for all Masons seeking sobriety.  Read more

Masonic Renewal Committee Announces Winners of the David R. Bedwell Essay Contest

The Masonic Renewal Committee (MRC) recently announced the winners of the David R. Bedwell Essay Contest. The contest was named in honor of Ill. Brother Bedwell, 33°. Views on Masonic renewal makes for inspirational reading. Read more

Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library

Welcome to Lexington, Massachusetts, home of the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library and the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction headquarters. Opened in 1975, this influential institution tells the story of Freemasonry and fraternalism in the context of American history.  Read more

Q & A with Travis Simpkins

Editor of The Northern Light, Ill. Alan E. Foulds, 33˚, recently talked with Bro. Travis Simpkins – a man who has put his artistic talents to use for the fraternity over the past several months. Read more

Tips for Member Retention

The Masonic Renewal Committee offers a wide variety of resources to help aid in the recruitment, member retention, and overall functioning of Lodges and Valleys. Below is an overview of its retention handbook, written by RCE consulting, breaking down the process into four crucial segments: reality, change, ideas, and envision.  Read more

Grand Almoner's Fund Makes Service Dog Possible in Valley of Steubenville

Victoria Duhamel of Steubenville, Ohio was given much more than she had expected when she reached out to Scottish Rite to asking for help to get a service dog. Read more