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From the Desk of SGC Glattly: Join us for the Giving Tuesday Telethon, November 27, 7-9 pm (ET)

As we enter the holiday season, we look forward to giving gifts and bonding with loved ones. Black Friday and Cyber Monday make sure we have the commercial aspects of the season covered. But being a Mason compels us to take a broader view of this season of giving. We see beyond ourselves and look to the good works of our Scottish Rite charities. It’s why we are celebrating Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving, with our first ever telethon on November 27th from 7:00 - 9:00 pm ET Read more

Masonic Apron Resource Library

A Masonic apron is the badge of a Freemason. It is a symbol that signifies the pride and commitment of a Mason to the Craft. But do you know how this symbol originated and the meaning behind it? Click through to our Masonic Apron resource library for books, articles, videos and more about this symbol that is deeply meaningful to all Freemasons.  Read more

Ten Masonic Products for Fall: Masonic Marketplace

Have you heard? The Scottish Rite, NMJ just recently launched their new online marketplace. Complete with a variety of apparel, unique items, and personalized gifts, the new marketplace is your one-stop-shop for all things Masonic and Scottish Rite.  Read more

Recognizing National Dyslexia Month with a Look Back at the 2018 Teddy Bear Classic

It’s a great day on the links for The Children’s Dyslexia Center of Greater Boston at the Teddy Bear Classic Annual Golf Tournament. It’s a day of fun, fraternity, and good works as the event raises money for their center that helps children with dyslexia overcome daunting learning obstacles on a daily basis. In honor of National Dyslexia Awareness Month, we are taking a look back at the 2018 Tournament this past summer and sharing information about the Dyslexia Center and their important mission on our blog. Read more

The Scottish Rite, NMJ, Opens New Online Store Today -- The Masonic Marketplace

32° Scottish Rite Freemasonry, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, proudly announces the opening today of its new online store, the Masonic Marketplace. Fully on demand, the store is unlike any Masonic shopping site in the country. Read more

Have You Watched “Inside the Freemasons” on Netflix?

Have you watched Inside the Freemasons yet on Netflix? If not, we highly recommend you do! Even better, we’ve thought of a few ways for your whole Lodge to get together and watch the five-part series together on our blog. Read more

An Abstract from ‘Freemasons in the Transatlantic World’

A few weeks ago, The George Washington Masonic National Memorial hosted the conference and symposium, ‘Freemasons in the Transatlantic World’ organized by Quatuor Coronati Lodge. Hilary Anderson Stelling, Director of Collections and Exhibitions at the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library, had the opportunity to present at the conference along with colleague, Jeff Croteau, Director of the Van Gorden-Williams Library and Archives. Oscar Alleyne, 32°, one of the creators of the Hauts Grades Academy, our premiere educational program, also presented. Read more

The Official Debut of TNL On Air

The Northern Light is branching out! The magazine now produces a series of broadcasts called TNL On Air. The programs, which run an average of two to five minutes, feature stories about members, events, and programs, and provide jurisdiction-wide announcements. Read more

To the Moon and Back with Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin, the first Freemason to step foot on the moon, has an incredible life story that clearly shows his impact on history, science, and Freemasonry today. Read more

A New Year: Fall event ideas for your Lodge

With the Fall season just around the corner, we are starting to look towards a new Masonic year. We have created a list of fun and inclusive event ideas to help your Lodge start the year off on the right foot. Read more