Q & A with Brother Yasser Al-Khatib, co-founder of the HGA

Recently The Northern Light talked with Bro. Yasser Al-Khatib, one of the founders of the Hauts Grades Academy, to learn about his Masonic background, what inspired him to start the HGA, and how the program works. The Hauts Grades Academy is an educational initiative created in partnership with the NMJ, aiming to enhance member experiences and offer SRNMJ Masons the chance to further the journey of their craft.  Read more

Staying En Route with The Path Forward

If you are cruising down the road on I-295 in Westhampton, NJ and happen to look up, you are in for a surprise. A 48-foot long by 14-foot high brightly-lit billboard will come into view. The text, “Not Just A Man. A Mason!” is easily seen, proudly touting The Path Forward campaign for all to see.  Read more

Highlights from the “How Fraternalism Transforms Character” Livestream

On March 21, we hosted an interactive livestream on “How Fraternalism Transform Character." The discussion was led by Brothers John Sullivan, 33°, Valley of Worcester, MA, and William “Sandy” Karstens, 33°, Valley of Burlington, VT. Brother Len Cercone served as the moderator, The panel explored the dynamics of Freemasonry in society, fraternalism’s place with with younger generations, and how members can embody the moral obligations instilled in Freemasonry in their everyday lives.  Read more

33 & Beyond: The Royal Art of Freemasonry Shines a Light

33 & Beyond: The Royal Art of Freemasonry is the Masonic movie of the century. With screenings all over the United States and countless articles in the media, this Freemasonry flick is making a big splash across the country and is shedding light on the true meaning of Masonry. Read more

The Mason's Lady: A Women's Journey to Freemasonry

Michala B. tells the story behind The Mason’s Lady, a blog for women to talk about Freemasonry, find answers to questions, and network with other women connected to the craft. Read more

Short Talk Bulletins: History in the Making

Michael A. Smith was serving as the Tyler for Freeport Lodge #23 in Maine when he came across a group of old books that caught his attention. One in particular, “Short Talks on Masonry” by Joseph Fort Newton, published in 1928 by the Masonic Service Association, peaked his interest and led him on a Masonic journey like no other.  Read more

Starting a Community: Scottish Rite Forum Launch

Brotherly love and fraternalism make up the core of the Scottish Rite. In order to enhance these pillars, we have created a forums section on our newly designed website. Read more

“How Fraternalism Transforms Character” Livestream Recap

On March 21st, the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction hosted a livestream that centered on a discussion of the values of Freemasonry and the SRNMJ. The event, “How Fraternalism Transforms Character," is the first in an ongoing series that will explore Masonic Values in Everyday Life.  Read more

George Washington, President and Freemason

George Washington remains a steadfast pillar of the United States; a man who stood for justice, loyalty, and freedom. He was the country’s backbone for many years. His set of values were cemented in those of Blue Lodge Freemasonry, making it no surprise that today George Washington stands as a prominent figure in Masonic history.  Read more