Even a Pandemic Didn’t Stop Your Generosity

In the midst of a global pandemic and some unimaginable changes that turned our world upside down, you did not miss a beat in helping to support your Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction charities. This year’s Impact Report centered on one main theme: Because of You. Learn more in our 2020 Annual Impact Report. Read more

2020 Masonic Holiday Gift Guide

Shop for the Freemason in your life this holiday season with our guide for Masonic gifts. Read more

Celebrating (Some) of Our Longest Masonic Legacies

As part of our celebration of Masonic legacies, we spotlight three stories from brethren that exhibit some of our longest Masonic legacies submitted. Read more

Masonic Presidents & Vice Presidents

From the Founding Fathers to Gerald Ford, many vice presidents and presidents were also proud Freemasons. Read more

6 Ways to Deepen Your Masonic Education

For Masons eager to continue their education of the craft, there are many helpful resources easily available. Read more

Masonic Youth Groups: Instilling Masonic Values in the Next Generation

Freemasonry's mission of creating a better world through the promotion of our core values begins not at the blue lodge, but at one of our three Masonic youth groups. Learn more about Freemasonry's youth-oriented organizations in our blog. Read more

Tompkins Recipients Part of the Greatest Generation

Scottish Rite, NMJ honors two members of the Greatest Generation and Brother Masons William D. Haller, Jr. and Robert N. Stutz with the Tompkins Medal. Read more

Among the Stars: Freemason Astronauts

From Buzz Aldrin to John Glenn, many notable astronauts and American heroes also belong to the world’s oldest fraternity. Read more

First Virtual Reunion a Roaring Success!

More than 1,100 Brothers participated from across the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, welcoming new members and connecting with old friends in the online event. Read more

3 Common Sayings Born From Freemasonry

Did you know that many Americans use words all the time that have their roots in Freemasonry? These terms did not become commonplace overnight, and the stories of their integration into the everyday American’s vocabulary further illustrate the influence Masonry has had on our culture. Read more