The Scottish Rite Experience: The Valley of Steubenville Tackles the Membership Challenge

Our guest blogger, Ill. Edsel Emery, 33°, outlines a successful recruitment program ongoing in the Valley of Steubenville.  Read more

“Meet the New Guy” Interactive Livestream Event a Huge Success

"Hope springs anew. Thank you, SGC!" Comments like that from members streamed in by the hundreds. Read more

Ill. David A. Glattly, Sovereign Grand Commander, Receives Award from The Chapel of the Four Chaplains

David A. Glattly, Sovereign Grand Commander, Receives the Legion of Honor Humanitarian Award from The Chapel of the Four Chaplains Read more

The Path Forward: More Than a New Look

The Scottish Rite, NMJ, proudly announces the launch of a new website, and new marketing campaign, and a new set of programs and services for you the member. In the 2016-17 membership survey you told us what you wanted. We listened. And we are acting.  Read more

A Conversation with David Glattly, Sovereign Grand Commander, SRNMJ

We had an opportunity to sit down with SGC Glattly to discuss his experiences, the Scottish Rite, and the future of the craft:  Read more

Behind the Francken Manuscript

For the past four years, our staff has been dedicated to restoring a seminal work of Masonic literature for all to read and enjoy. The 1783 Francken Manuscript is a “long lost” volume of Freemasonry, detailing the 4th through 25th degrees as they were performed in the 18th century. Read more