Five Masonic Podcasts for Reflection and Self-Improvement

Throughout the month of August, we're sharing educational blog posts to equip brethren with the resources and knowledge to perfect their craft. Click to read some of our favorite Masonic podcasts for reflection and self-improvement. Read more

Making a Master Mason: Revisiting 1-3°

As part of our "Back to School" educational blog series, we look back and reflect on the teachings, principles, and significance of the first three degrees in blue lodge Freemasonry. Read more

Back to School: Five Modern Masonic Reads to Add to Your Bookshelf

Lifelong learning is an integral part of a man’s journey in Freemasonry. The quest to become the best a man can be is fueled by continuous exploration, curiosity, and, of course, reading. Read more

Supreme Council Shares New Standardization of Dues

To create a more streamlined dues process for all members in Scottish Rite, NMJ, the Administrative Council recently approved a new Standardization of Dues policy. Read more

Masonic Tracing Boards and Trestle Boards: Their History and Significance Today

One of Freemasonry’s oldest symbols is the Masonic trestle board. Often confused with the tracing board, the trestle board is the blueprint of which our ancient fraternity was built upon. In this blog, we explore its history and meaning today. Read more

Oscar Wilde: Freemason & Literary Hero

Similar to his body of literary work, the life of Brother Oscar Wilde was grandiose, full of wit, and pondered life and society’s greater meaning. Learn more about the poetic Freemason, Oscar Wilde. Read more

A Man, a Mason, a Millennial

A millennial Mason's perspective on what it means to be a Freemason today. Read more

Our Gratitude, Your Impact: The 2020 Helping Hand Initiative

Last month, we launched the Helping Hand initiative to raise funds for our charity, the Grand Almoner’s Fund. Read more

The Spirit of Help Alive & Well

Brother Robert J. Bateman, 33° shares his experience with The Grand Almoner's Fund. This blog is part of a series for the Helping Hand Initiative highlighting the work of the Grand Almoner’s Fund. Read more

Living Our Obligation: My First Experience with the Grand Almoner’s Fund

A Brother shares his personal experience soliciting The Grand Almoner's Fund for support. This blog is part of a series for the Helping Hand Initiative which highlights the work of the Grand Almoner’s Fund. Read more