The Eye of Providence

This article explores the history of the Eye of Providence and explains its significance within Freemasonry. Read more

The Legacy of Bro. Harry Truman

This article details the life and career of President Harry S. Truman and his experience as a Freemason. Read more

HGA Leadership Update | Summer 2021

Featured in the July 2021 Sublime Leadership newsletter, Ill. Yasser Al-Khatib, 33°, MSA, HGA, provides an update on the Hauts Grades Academy for Summer 2021. Read more

The Meaning of “Rough Ashlar”

This article explains the symbolic significance of the rough ashlar in Freemasonry and its use in the fraternity’s teachings. Read more

Best Practices for Communicating to Your Brethren

What is your Valley doing to communicate with your members? In this blog post, the Indiana Council of Deliberation Social Media Team shares history, statistics, and most importantly, the benefits of leveraging social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep your brethren informed and engaged. Read more

An American Freemason: John Wayne

John Wayne was a one-of-a-kind talent and a passionate Freemason. This article explores his acting career and his journey within the craft. Read more

A Patriotic Brother and Artifact

The United States 15-Star Flag is a unique artifact in the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library’s collection not just because of its age, but connection to American patriotism and history. In this blog, we explore its significance and potential connection to Freemasonry. Read more

The History of the 18°

This article explores the complex history and evolution of the Scottish Rite’s 18th degree, the Knight of the Rose Croix of H.R.D.M. Read more

Grand Commander David A. Glattly Inducted into the DeMolay International Hall of Fame

Sovereign Grand Commander David A. Glattly has been inducted into the DeMolay International Alumni Association Hall of Fame. The enshrinement was held at The DeMolay International Session in Dallas, Texas on June 19, 2021. Read more

A Father's Day Tribute

To celebrate and honor brethren this Father's Day, we're sharing a touching story of family and Freemasonry from Brother John Brian McNaughton, 33°. Read more