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Working for the Fraternity: An Intern's Perspective

Scottish Rite summer intern, Darien A. Koons, describes his experience and day-to-day routine working for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction.  Read more

The Tompkins Medal Awarded to Sammy Lee Davis, 33° : : A New Peace and Freedom Award is Named in Davis' Honor

The Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite, NMJ announces the Sammy Lee Davis, 33°, Peace & Freedom Award  Read more

The Supreme Council Establishes the DeMolay Congress Almoner's Fund

The Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction is establishing the DeMolay Congress Almoner's Fund with an initial gift of $20,000. Modeled after the Scottish Rite’s own Grand Almoner’s Fund, the program is designed to provide young men in DeMolay relief and assistance when they are facing hardships or times of crisis. Read more

A Piece of American History at the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum and Library

Founded in 1975, The Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library chronicles the story of the Freemasons throughout American history, with a specific focus on the importance of fraternal relations. The Museum serves as the “historical society” of American Freemasonry, and it strives to uphold its values and history in the success of the nation by collecting and preserving artifacts that relate to fraternalism and Masonry in America.  Read more

Generation to Generation: Looking Back at Last Night’s Discussion

Thank you to everyone who tuned into last night’s livestream. A panel of Masons, from all walks of life, gathered together to discuss how Freemasonry impacts men of any age. Click through to watch the recording of the event. Read more

Freemasons and Flag Day

As Scottish Rite Masons, one of our core values is Devotion to Country. Similarly, for Freemasons as a whole, we have a deep-rooted history in the United States of America and specifically with the American flag. We have participated in this country’s greatest battles and triumphs, helping to create the building blocks that define the fabric of our nation. Today and every day, we are proud to be Masons that live by the values of justice, integrity, toleration, service, reverence for god, and devotion to country. Read more

Hauts Grades Academy Series: From the Desk of Arthur Fred Hebbeler, 32°

Our first class of Hauts Grades Academy scholars have been busy, completing the different levels and assignments necessary to graduate the program. In level 2, participants are asked to complete a round of essays regarding the Scottish Rite degrees and the teachings that have been most influential to them. Read more

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Throughout the past few years, the Scottish Rite, NMJ has focused its efforts on growing our community – both the membership as well as the digital. We value sharing interesting and relevant content across all of our social channels, so that all members are up-to-date on current campaigns, news, events and more. Read more

Q & A with Brother Yasser Al-Khatib, co-founder of the HGA

Recently The Northern Light talked with Bro. Yasser Al-Khatib, one of the founders of the Hauts Grades Academy, to learn about his Masonic background, what inspired him to start the HGA, and how the program works. The Hauts Grades Academy is an educational initiative created in partnership with the NMJ, aiming to enhance member experiences and offer SRNMJ Masons the chance to further the journey of their craft.  Read more

Staying En Route with The Path Forward

If you are cruising down the road on I-295 in Westhampton, NJ and happen to look up, you are in for a surprise. A 48-foot long by 14-foot high brightly-lit billboard will come into view. The text, “Not Just A Man. A Mason!” is easily seen, proudly touting The Path Forward campaign for all to see.  Read more