Treason Against the British Crown Performance

The Valley of Boston and the Boston Lafayette Lodge of Perfection are hosting a special performance of Treason Against the British Crown – an authentic reenactment of what might have happened had George Washington been captured by British troops Read more

Five Tips for Connecting with Brothers

We are a fraternity that values Brotherhood and loyalty. We work to uphold the mission of supporting each other, coming together to make a difference, and striving to be better men. In order to live out these important tenets of our ritual, Masons must always be searching for opportunities to bond with fellow Brothers and lift each other up. In this blog post, we offer five simple tips to help you come together with fellow Masons, opening the door to make lasting connections. Read more

Membership Directory Update

Delivery expected in Spring 2019! Read more

Sporting Gold: Masonic Athletes

What do Freemasonry, soccer, baseball and golf have in common? They were all shaped in some way or form by a Mason! Read on to learn about the origins of some of our favorite sports and discover three of the most impactful and dedicated Masonic sportsmen of the last century.  Read more

SR Month Recap: A Very Special Gift

The Valley of Detroit in Dearborn, Michigan had something very special up their sleeve this past November to honor and celebrate Scottish Rite Month and give back to their community. Click through to read a beautiful story about helping Masonic Pathways, a senior living center in Alma, Michigan, creating happy moments, and donating the funds for a very friendly (and furry) gift.  Read more

Five Podcasts to Help You Ring in the New Year

These five podcasts will start your new year off on a positive note and help you delve deeper into the teachings of Freemasonry. Whether in the car, on the train, or at the gym, podcasts are the perfect medium to get in that extra bit of learning and inspiration you might otherwise have a hard time fitting into your day.  Read more

“Ask the Commander” Livestream Recap

A tremendous sense of Brotherhood, passion, and excitement for the future filled the air last night during our “Ask the Commander” livestream event. The chat room was buzzing, the studio was silent, and the cameras were rolling as SGC Glattly answered questions from members. Read more

A Look Back at Scottish Rite Month! November 2018

Guest blog by George T. Taylor, IV, 32°, Associate Director of Membership  Read more

Scottish Rite, NMJ Membership Jumps this Fall: Five Stats You Need to Know

Renewed energy and re-invigoration in the Scottish Rite leads to membership increases this fall!  Read more

The Top 10 Masonic Books for your Winter Book Club

Want to start a Lodge book club, but not sure what to read? We’ve got you covered with our top 10 picks for the best Masonic books to read this winter. Whether you want to delve into the philosophy of Freemasonry or read a biography of a famous Mason, we’ve got ideas to suit every Brother’s reading tastes. Read more