6 Virtual Masonic Exhibits Every Mason Should Explore

Master Masons need not travel far to expand their knowledge of the craft and experience Freemasonry in a brand new way. "Visit" these six virtual Masonic Exhibits for a taste of Freemasonry across the globe. Read more

The Masonic Legacy of Lady Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is an American landmark visited by approximately 3.5 million people every year and is recognized internationally as a symbol of American ideals. But what is the story behind Lady Liberty and her Masonic legacy? Read more

Meet the Scottish Rite, NMJ Executive Director: Q&A with Michael Russell, 32°

The Northern Light sits down with Michael Russell to see how he’s settling into his new role as Executive Director of Scottish Rite, NMJ Read more

Virtual Reunions: Bringing the Magic of the Scottish Rite Home

The Supreme Council is proud to announce that we will be bringing the Scottish Rite experience online to homes across the jurisdiction with three Virtual Reunions this fall! Read more

Attend The Virtual Reunion, in 2D

Here’s your chance to join us in Lexington, MA for the Virtual Reunions this Fall! We want you to be there, for a donation of $100, going to support the Grand Almoner's Fund, we will print and place a 3'x4' cutout of you in a seat in the Maxwell Auditorium just like many of the baseball stadiums, this summer! Read more

What was the Anti-Masonic Movement?

In the United States, there still exists a sub-culture of suspicion against Masons which began nearly 200 years ago when the country’s anti-Masonic movement emerged; a subject critically important to understanding the history of Freemasonry in America. Read more

Five Masonic Podcasts for Reflection and Self-Improvement

Throughout the month of August, we're sharing educational blog posts to equip brethren with the resources and knowledge to perfect their craft. Click to read some of our favorite Masonic podcasts for reflection and self-improvement. Read more

Making a Master Mason: Revisiting 1-3°

We look back and reflect on the teachings, principles, and significance of the first three degrees in blue lodge Freemasonry. Read more

Five Modern Masonic Reads to Add to Your Bookshelf

Lifelong learning is an integral part of a man’s journey in Freemasonry. The quest to become the best a man can be is fueled by continuous exploration, curiosity, and, of course, reading. Read more

Supreme Council Shares New Standardization of Dues

To create a more streamlined dues process for all members in Scottish Rite, NMJ, the Administrative Council recently approved a new Standardization of Dues policy. Read more