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Q&A with Brother, Historian, and Author Mark Tabbert, 33°

Historian and author Brother Mark Tabbert, 33°, discusses his new book “A Deserving Brother: George Washington and Freemasonry” and shares his expert perspective on Scottish Rite Freemasonry and George Washington’s Masonic life. Read more

Four Pathfinder Activities To Check Off This Summer

Pathfinder is a member program that helps Scottish Rite Masons make the most of their membership. Read our blog to learn ways you can continue your journey this summer. Read more

Walter Leslie Wilmshurst: Freemason and Author

Walter Leslie Wilmshurst was an English author, lawyer, and Freemason, who famously wrote “The Meaning of Masonry” (1922) and “The Masonic Initiation” (1924). Read more

Supreme Council Presents Tompkins Medal to Brother Roger Pellerin, 33°, MSA

Supreme Council was pleased to confer the Daniel D. Tompkins Medal on Illustrious Brother Roger Pellerin, 33°, MSA, for his outstanding and exemplary service to the Masonic Fraternity at large. Illustrious Brother Pellerin is the 27th recipient of this prestigious award. Learn more about this unique distinction in our blog. Read more

Four Summer Essentials From The Masonic Marketplace

Essential Masonic and Scottish Rite themed items for summer from The Masonic Marketplace. Read more

Thursday Night at the Rite Brought More Light to Members in Season 3

As our Spring 2022 season of Thursday Night at the Rite comes to a close, we look back on some highlights from season three including a new campaign, panel discussions and more. Read more

Supreme Council Confers Tompkins Medal on Captain Vince Baker

In a special ceremony at the Pentagon on May 13, 2022, Supreme Council conferred The Daniel D. Tompkins Medal on Captain Vince Baker for outstanding and exemplary service to his country and the Masonic Fraternity at large. Read more

Thursday Night at the Rite’s newest addition: Panel Discussions

Panel discussions give members an inside look into the degree presentation and an opportunity to reflect on our Core Values. Read more

A Thank You to Our Children’s Dyslexia Centers Tutors

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re highlighting the incredible work of our Children’s Dyslexia Centers tutors. Read more

The Makings of the 17th Degree

In modern Scottish Rite Freemasonry, the 17th degree dramatizes a picture of human failure, and social and moral behavior. Read more