On the Path Forward

As part of an ongoing "Meet the Team" blog series, we invited the Directors from each of Scottish Rite, NMJ's various departments to share some of their insights and advice based upon their specific area of expertise. We kick off our first "Meet the Team" blog with Michael C. Russell, 32°, CAE, who gives us an inside look of the work of the Path Forward team and how our members can help expand upon its mission. Read more

The History of Scottish Rite Costumes

Scottish Rite degrees are plays, often staged with costumes, scenery, special effects, and the full rigging of a dramatic production. Read more

A Brief History of Prince Hall Freemasonry

The legacy of African American Freemasonry begins in 1775 with Prince Hall, a prominent member of Boston's Methodist and African American community. A former slave, Prince Hall was attracted to the values and opportunities of Freemasonry and sought to join the city's Masonic lodges. We explore Prince Hall's Masonic journey and the evolution of Prince Hall Freemasonry on our blog. Read more

New! BeAFreemason.org Updates

Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction continues to expand our outreach and campaign offerings to make BeAFreemason.org even more accessible for great men looking to join Freemasonry. Read more

John Lewis: The Heart of a Mason

John Lewis was many things. He was a Freemason, a congressman whose career spanned several decades, and a pivotal figure within the civil rights movement. Read more

Light the Rite: Spreading Positivity for the New Year

After a difficult year, we asked staff members of the Scottish Rite, NMJ to share their moments of joy in 2020 to remind us there are blessings to be found even in the darkest of times. Read more

Masonic Education: Top Picks from Fellow Masons

Dive Into These Masonic Reads - Expand your knowledge of Masonic history, symbolism, and culture by reading any one of these educational blogs from the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. Read more

Magic Lanterns: Illuminating the Teachings of Freemasonry

In the early 19th century, many Masonic lodges utilized magic lanterns to help candidates better understand the allegory and symbolism presented in Freemasonry’s degrees. We explore the history of magic lanterns in our latest blog. Read more

Winston Churchill: A Man of Destiny

A writer, soldier, Prime Minister of England and Freemason, Winston Churchill remains a matchless, venerated figure in world history. Read more

New Member Checklist: 10 Things Every New Scottish Rite Brother Should Do

Members who take advantage of everything Scottish Rite has to offer reap its greatest benefits. New members can do these 10 things to fully experience the Scottish Rite. Read more