Behind the Scenes: The Making of the 17°

We’re excited to bring you behind the scenes of the recent 17° production which was filmed at the Valley of Harrisburg. The cast and set design are made up of Brothers from the Valley of Harrisburg, who truly "put their all into making this degree a feast for the eyes," said M. Todd McIntosh, 33°, Active Member, who served as director of the degree. Read more

Lodge Spotlight:

“Willkommen Bruder” is the standard greeting a Brother may hear as they step through the doors of Hermann - Humboldt Lodge No. 125 in Warminster, Pennsylvania, home to the oldest German-speaking lodge in the United States. Since 1810, all degrees have been done in German in addition to English, and members wouldn’t want it any other way. Read more

2019: A Year of Giving, Growth and Brotherhood

In honor of an incredible year, we’ve put together some 2019 highlights from around the Jurisdiction that highlight the strength of our brotherhood. Read more

The 2019 Masonic Holiday Gift Guide: Something for Every Brother

With the holiday festivities in full swing, many of us are on the hunt to find the “perfect gift” for our loved ones. As 32° Scottish Rite Masons, we know that family includes our Brothers in the craft. Our 2019 Freemasonry gift guide offers Masonic-inspired gifts perfect for any and every relative or Brother dear to you. Read more

Giving Tuesday 2019: Reliving the Scottish Rite, NMJ Telethon

To those who donated, to those who followed along with our 33 Days campaign, and to those who continue to embody the values of Freemasonry in their daily lives, we thank you all. Read more

Mozart: The Musical Freemason

Freemasons know well of the many trailblazing, impactful men who journeyed through the craft before them. Few have ever left as stirring a legacy behind as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the famous composer who forever changed Western music. In this piece, we examine his life, his brief but devoted experience in Masonry and how it influenced his career. Read more

John Glenn Cap Given to Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library

“We are really excited about telling the story of John Glenn, his many achievements, and his involvement with Scottish Rite,” said Hilary Anderson Stelling, Director of Exhibitions and Collections. “This cap helps us do that.” Read more

A Conversation with Ill. Brother Frank Martinez, MSA, 33°

This year, in honor of Veteran’s Day, we are publishing a recent interview with a Brother whose life story is truly inspiring: Ill. Brother Frank Martinez, MSA, 33°, from the Valley of Southern Illinois. Frank, now 92 years young, is a dedicated Freemason and member of the United States military. He served honorably in World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War before retiring from the service. Read more

How the Valley of Schenectady Achieved 1000% Increase in Membership

Roger Pelham, 33°, from the Valley of Schenectady, shares the key to his Valley’s success, leading the pack with more than 1000% year over year new member growth. Read more

Why I Am

"I belong because, in spite of all of our faults, foibles, and fears, we can come together and achieve great things." Read more