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4° - Builder

Scottish Rite, NMJ 4th Degree: Builder poster


The 4th degree represents a Master Mason’s first steps on his Scottish Rite journey. In this degree, a Master Mason seeks divine guidance, and we learn to honor our relationships with God, family, country, and Freemasonry.


Brothers grow together in Scottish Rite.


Reverence for God, Integrity & Service to Humanity

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The Lodge of Perfection Degrees

The Lodge of Perfection is where a Scottish Rite Mason’s journey begins. This body confers the 4th through the 14th degrees. These degrees investigate and contemplate spirituality, and also amplify the Hiramic Legend and lessons from the Biblical era.

The Lodge of Perfection degrees are often referred to as “ineffable” degrees because they focus on the ineffable, or unutterable, name of God. Members will also see many references back to the three symbolic degrees of the Blue Lodge. The degrees in this first body are meant to amplify the core Masonic teachings and apply them to practical, everyday situations.

The name of the Lodge of Perfection refers to the belief of Scottish Rite Masons that while they know they are not perfect, there is a path to perfection. One of the key moral teachings in this body is that men must persevere and overcome difficulties in their progress toward perfection.

What is the Lodge of Perfection?

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