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Scottish Rite and Masonic Aprons

Our Brand Identity

Making Our Mark on History

In February 2022, The Supreme Council for 32° Scottish Rite Freemasonry, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction launched an anthemic campaign to recognize and celebrate the unique journey of a Scottish Rite Mason. Known as "Journey On," the campaign sparks inspiration for current members, while effectively promoting what the Scottish Rite stands for to Master Masons, further elevating our identity.

Several years prior to our "Journey On" initiative, The Supreme Council introduced a new rendition of our double-headed eagle and updated our colors and fonts to represent a modern, crisp look. This newly invigorated branding pairs seamlessly with our "Journey On" assets.

As we continue to strengthen our brand, we invite you to make use of our expanded brand assets for your own marketing materials. Explore our downloadable resources below.

Our Brand Identity

Enhance your Valley's brand identity and maintain a cohesive style across all of Scottish Rite, NMJ by utilizing these downloadable files. These brand assets are designed to assist you and your Valley in building and strengthening your brand's image.

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