Scottish Rite Grand Almoner's Fund

Our Grand Almoner’s Fund is the keystone charity fulfilling our mission, the mission of being a Fraternity that strives to fulfill our Masonic Obligation to care for our members. Every dollar donated goes to helping those who face incredible hardships. Whether it be a natural disaster or personal tragedy, the fund exists to make certain a helping hand is there in times of crisis.

How does my donation improve lives?

When a disaster around the Globe hits, your Scottish Rite Grand Almoners Fund has and will be there, not just to provide a helping hand, but immediate assistance for distressed brothers and their families, no matter the Jurisdiction. There is a saying, “you get in return what you give.” As Freemasons, helping others is in our DNA. We do not ask for ourselves, but for others. Financial relief is given to your Masonic Brothers, their families, and Masonic widows in need. The aid is direct and is arranged quickly, delivered at a time of intense hardship when it is needed most. 100% of your donation goes to supporting this mission, with 0% used for overhead.

Will the Grand Almoner’s Fund remain central to our fraternity’s charity work in the years ahead?

More than a decade ago, the Scottish Rite rededicated itself to a core value of our Craft—Masons caring for Masons. Brothers caring for Brothers. Friends caring for families. Our fraternity will not turn away from this commitment. Your support of the Grand Almoner’s Fund insures that, together, we fulfill our highest calling.

How can I help?

You can donate easily, simply, and securely at

The Commander’s Circle is an elite giving program within the Scottish Rite, NMJ. As Scottish Rite Masons, our commitment to care for Brethren in times of need binds us firmly to the bedrock of our values. Your membership in the Commander’s Circle makes that commitment manifest as we help those less fortunate face challenges with courage and dignity.

The Commander’s Circle pin you wear on your lapel does more than signify membership in an exclusive club. It says you are a leader. A man rooted in our Scottish Rite values. It also serves as a deeply personal reminder that our commitment to each other is resolute, not just because it is the 'Rite' thing to do, but because we are Scottish Rite.

There are two giving levels; Gold ($10,000) and Silver ($5,000), both can be financially gifted either at one time or pledged monthly, annually, or in any increment for a maximum of five (5) years. You are a member of the Commander’s Circle at the time of your commitment.

More than 200 Scottish Rite Mason, Masonic families, and organizations are members of the Commander’s Circle.

Donations to the Grand Almoner’s Fund are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law allowable.


Gold Donors

Marcus E. Abbott

David R. & Pauline Bedwell

Ronald W. Beebe

William & Lisa Berenbroick

Frederick & Evelyn Berenbroick

Ross & Linda Black

Matt & Angela Blaisdell

James M. Blizzard Jr.

Timothy & Beth Boutell

Elbridge & Mareetta Brewer

Robert E. & Irene M. Brightbill

Leland L. & Marilyn J. Burlison

William C. Chapman & Helen A. Shaw

Austin P. Clark

Greg & Gerti Clark

J. Randolph & Dana Clark

The Cockerham Family

Ronald & Elaine Connelly

Thomas H. & Dorothy Corson

Michael & Annie DeWolf

Jim & Margie Deyo

James Dill

Donald & Wendelyn Duquette

Philip & Arlene Elliott

James T. Elliott Jr.

Thomas E. Ewald

In Memory of the L. W. Getman Family

Paul & Semra Ferreira

Raymond & Ginnie Foose

Christopher T. Forbes

Mark David Gall

David & Monica Glattly

Bradford & Kathleen Goebel

Nicholas & Marla Graff

Marlin & Kay Gray

Ben & Sherrie Grisham

Matthew Francis Griffin

Garry D. & Sonia G. Hageness

Philip L. Hall

Brian & Lynne Hartel

Alan R. Heath

Kevin J. Hecht

Dick & Susan Heldman

Donald & Nancy Hicks

Lee D. Hieronymus

Scott & Aubri Hilsee

George & Leslie Hixon

Keith & Judy Hoskins

Theodore H. Jacobsen

A. Norman Johnson

Richard R. Jones Jr.

Bob & Maria Kefalas

Gail N. Kemp

Darien & Stacie Koons

Thomas & Virginia Labagh

Charles R. Lefever

Charlotte E. Lomell

Albert R. Marshall

Carl L. Martenson

J. B. McNaughton

John W. McNaughton

Lois L. McNaughton Memorial Fund

Donald D. (Pete) Miller

G. Michael & Ruth Morris

Sven R. Mossberg

Paul E. Mossberg

D. Dee & Kathy S. Mowry

George Nakonetschny

Dr. & Mrs. Gary L. Nicholson

Howard & Ann Orr

Kamel & Mary Oussayef

Laurence E. & Nancy Perkins

Robert W. Reinhardt III

Edgar J. Rennoe Jr.

Carolyn Ribordy

Mark C. Roth

Paul & Joan Rubschlager

Michael & Megan Russell

Peter J. and Gail R. Samiec

David & Cheryl Sharkis

Jim Sheets

Jeffry A. Simonton

Verdon R. Skipper

Neil & Willa Jean Smalley

Robert William Smith

Gail N. Smith

James R. Spencer Jr.

Henry & Karen Stein

Terry N. Steinheiser

Richard J. Stewart

Howard E. Struble

Robert N. Stutz

George G. Talisse

George T. Taylor III

George T. Taylor IV

Donald D. Thomas

Richard V. Travis

James & Susan Tungate

Len & Brenda Vander Horn

Maurice C. Vercoe

Paul & Karen Weglage

Malcolm B. Wernik

Frank M Williams

Gary B. Williams M.D.

Connie & Daniel Wilson

Douglas N. Winter

James E. Winzenreid

Michael A Wolcott

Bruce T. Work

John & Jacque Wright

Silver Donors

Harold & Phyllis Aldrich

Ronald & Norma Aungst

Brian & Jane Blades

Archie & Kellie Canterbury

Craig & Susan Cobb

Jeffrey W. Coy

Keith W. Cravens

Daniel C. Deufel

John W. Eldred

William R. Faulkner Jr.

Kenneth K. Feinthel

James H. Fischer

Bret & Mary Jane Fledderjohn

Dr. Richard Carlton Haney

Leon F. Higgins, II

Jeffrey B. Hodgdon

John J. Hunt

Lawrence D. Inglis

Robert Johnston

Thomas E. Julian

Douglas & Diana Kaylor

Marc R. Koble

Harold T. J. Littleton

Richard J. Luckay

James A. Manninen

Harold Dean Meade

Mark E. Megee

Emmett W. Mills

Anthony W. Montuori

Arthur Moore

Don & Meg Moran

Samuel C. Nana‑Sinkam

Robert & Jane Ogg

Keith & Linda Patch

Macario J. Ramos Jr.

Douglas E. Robinson

N. S. Jack Ruby

Robert W. Sanborn

Frank & Debbie Sekeres

Thomas & Pauline Skoog

Edward & Diana Stumm

John K. Takian

Deon P. White

Stephen R. & Ann Whittaker

Charles Carter Wicks

John L. Winkelman

Charles W. Yohe

Trusts, Estates, and Organizations

Amwell Lodge #12 F. & A.M.*

Boston Lafayette Lodge of Perfection*

Cogswell Benevolent Trust*

Columbian Lodge A.F. & A.M.

Congdon‑Overlook Lodge #163

David W. Jones Trust*

E. R. H. Enterprises, Inc.

Edward Parkinson Clark Trust*

Emil Ewald Family Foundation

Estate of Charles McGrattan*

Estate of Paul E. Lange*

Estate of Richard H. Schnakenburg

Estate of Robert Morefield*

Estate of Sherman Kisner*

Fort Wayne Scottish Rite Benevolent Fund*

Giles F. Yates Council Prince of Jerusalem*

Henry E. Thelin Trust*

Hilmar Gulseth Revocable Living Trust*

James M. Alter Trust*

Lafayette Consistory S.P.R.S*

Laurel Lodge No. 237 F. & A.M.

The LIGHT Foundation

Louis S. Ehrich Trust*

Masonic Family Health Foundation*

Massachusetts Consistory*

Michigan Scottish Rite Fund*

Mount Olivet Chapter of Rose Croix*

North Jersey Past Master's Association

Scottish Rite Bodies Valley of Chicago

Scottish Rite Bodies Valley of Hartford*

Scottish Rite Valley of Boston*

SEI Investments Company*

The Grand Lodge of New Jersey F. & A.M.*

The McCormick Family Foundation

The Order of the Thistle

The Royal Order of Scotland*

Valley of Allentown

Valley of Chicago*

Valley of Philadelphia

Valley of Pittsfield A.A.S.R.

Valley of Portland*

Valley of Portsmouth/Dover

Yahnundahsis Bodies A.A.S.R.*

* GOLD DONORS ($10,000+)