The Supreme Council is committed to providing a superior Masonic experience. Our Best Practices library is designed to equip Brethren with tools, tips, and resources that will strengthen fraternal bonds and engage members at every step along their Masonic journey, in and outside of the Valley.

Below you will find case studies and stories of success from Brothers throughout the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction and other resources to aid in your Valley's success.

Hosting a Valley Picnic

R. Lawrence Hicks, 32°, MSA, shares the Valley of Philadelphia's experience hosting a picnic for Brethren, families, and candidates. Read more

Raising Visibility and Becoming a Strong Voice of Freemasonry: Q&A with the Grand Lodge of Wisconsin

Mike Burnham from the Grand Lodge of Wisconsin shares the comprehensive plan that increased their state’s number of prospective Freemasons. Read more

Valley Talking Points Handbook

Our Valley Talking Points handbook makes it easy to present useful information to candidates – all in the form of ready-to-read short talks. Read more

Not Just a Man. A Mason. Assets

We have created the "Not Just a Man. A Mason." marketing campaign to help our entire Masonic family, free of charge. Read more

The Path Forward

Comprehensive study shows clear a path for the renewed growth of our organization and craft in the 21st century, and how our work continues. Read more

1000% Increase in Membership?!

Roger Pelham, 33°, shares the key to his Valley’s success, leading the pack with more than 1000% year over year new member growth. Read more

Member Retention & Strategy

Over the last few years, the Valley of Rockville Centre made member retention and recruitment a primary focus -- with great results. Read more

Connecting With Brothers

Enjoy five simple tips to help you come together with fellow Masons, opening the door to make lasting connections and uniting as one. Read more

Welcoming a New Brother

To help your Valley create a positive first impression, we’ve compiled five simple tips for welcoming new Brothers. Read more

Tips for Member Retention

The Masonic Renewal Committee has great resources to aid in recruitment, member retention, and overall functioning of lodges and Valleys. Read more

Hosting/Planning Valley Events

Here, we offer four blog posts that provide useful tips and best practices for putting together a successful Valley event. Read more

The Good Old Days? Maybe Not!

Thomas K. Sturgeon, 33°, describes the mindset and the changes that made the Valley of Pittsburgh one of the premier Valleys in the NMJ. Read more