Since the introduction of our Path Forward program in early 2017, the Supreme Council has made a concerted effort to regularly provide new digital offerings for Brothers of the Scottish Rite, NMJ. Acknowledging requests for more opportunities to engage with the craft and connect with brethren outside of traditional meetings and reunions, we’ve created a robust Member Center filled with activities, articles, resources and much more to help Scottish Rite Masons continue their Masonic journey and explore our philosophies from home.

With our updated Member Center you’ll find that, in and outside of the Valley, there’s great joy and treasures to be found in belonging to the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. Here are some ways to make the most of your membership online through our Member Center:

1. Check Your Membership Status and Account Details

When you log into the Member Center, the first thing you’ll find are links to view your profile and dashboard. Rather than spend time sorting through paper documents, you can now find everything you need to know online. From your member ID to upcoming dues and important announcements, all your Scottish Rite account details are stored in one, user-friendly place.

2. View Your Degree History

Looking to check all the boxes on your degree passport? Check your degree history by clicking the “My Degree History” button on the homepage of the Member Center. Take a trip down memory lane and see how far you’ve come in your Masonic journey and begin to put a plan of action together for witnessing remaining degrees.

3. Strengthen Valley Relations with our Leadership Resources

Are you a Valley officer? A Brother looking for new ideas to propose at your next meeting? We’ve created and compiled a variety of resources to help Brothers strengthen Valley relations and member engagement at the Member Center.

Click the “Leadership” tile on the homepage to access our Leadership Resource Center and find everything any Valley officer would find useful. From Officer handbooks and the Constitution to talking points and marketing materials, there are a plethora of handy tools to help you lead most effectively.

Not an Officer? Click the “Best Practices” tile on the homepage of the Member Center to access our Best Practices page. Here we’ve compiled our top tips and strategies as it relates to growing your Valley’s brotherhood, hosting fun and engaging events, and much more. We’ve even created a variety of marketing e-books available for download to help you understand and use digital communication tools like Mailchimp, Facebook groups, and Facebook ads.

4. Enjoy Exclusive Member Content

The fun and perks of belonging to the Scottish Rite continue with our exclusive online offerings for Members. To start, check out our trivia page and test your knowledge of Freemasonry. Better yet, challenge a Brother to some friendly competition and see who earns the crown of Masonic trivia king!

That’s not all; check back regularly for exciting virtual events and livestreams made available only to Brothers of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction through the Member Center platform. Brothers from all over have enjoyed participating in our live Brotherhood events like “Thursday Night at the Rite” and interactive discussions like our live Brother panel on “How Fraternalism Transforms Character.”

Finally, take part in seasonal initiatives where you can share your Masonic journey and learn from fellow Brothers. Throughout the year you’ll find contests, calls for stories, and many other opportunities to reflect on the craft and what it means to you. Currently, we’re looking to hear more about Masonic legacies and how Masonry has been passed down through generations of your family for a future issue of The Northern Light.

Thanks to the efforts of members of the Supreme Council, now you can enjoy the values, teachings, and brotherhood of the Scottish Rite anywhere, at any time. For questions or help with accessing the Member Center, please reach out and contact our help desk at 781-465-3352 or [email protected]