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When you join the Scottish Rite, you join a Brotherhood of men on a journey towards self-improvement. Read members' advice for new Scottish Rite Masons.

Dear new Scottish Rite Brethren,

Welcome! By continuing your Masonic journey with the Scottish Rite, NMJ, you have opened the door to a world of new, Masonic experiences and more light.

Our 29 degrees and six Core Values offer a wealth of knowledge to discover about yourself and our world. Best of all, you are joined by a vast network of thousands of Brothers who are eager to support you in your journey.

Below, fellow Scottish Rite Masons generously share their advice on how to make the most out of your membership and find the light you seek in our Craft. We hope their words support, encourage, and inspire you to #JourneyOn!

Starting Your Masonic Journey at the Scottish Rite, NMJ

“The Scottish Rite is an extension of your will. If you have the will to learn and seek further Light then you should seek it out, as you initially did. There are many reasons a man goes to the Scottish Rite seeking light. What will your spark be?” – Brother Sean Hess

“The more you put in, the more you learn, and the better the journey will be for you.” – Brother James Kiser

“Don’t try and do too much all at once. Lean on your mentor (if you don’t have a mentor or aren’t sure who your mentor is, reach out to your officers and request one.) Don’t be afraid to ask questions and keep an eye out for activities happening in your Valley. Also, begin working on your Pathfinder journey. If you run into any snags along the way, find a Scottish Rite Brother you know and ask them for advice or help. Welcome to the best part of Freemasonry!” – Brother Tim Longfellow

Valley Life & Brotherhood

“Be persistent in your desire to get involved. Meet as many Brothers as possible and imagine where you can best learn & grow!” – Brother Chris Morgan

“Take the time to travel to other Valleys and meet new Brothers. As you learn, make sure to take in as much as you can. Find a travel buddy whom you can also discuss what you saw with.” – Brother George Powell

“Become active in your Valley, it will be very rewarding! However, also remember other commitments (religion and family). Lastly, always remember that slow and steady is better than being overwhelmed – you don’t need to do everything at once.” – Brother Bill Young

Two men standing outside playing Corn Hole
Brothers at a Coudersport Consistory picnic in Pennsylvania

Seeking Light from Our Degrees

“Attend meetings, travel as much as possible, learn the degree work, and participate in the degrees.” – Brother Jordan Wallen

“Take the time to reflect on one’s own character and conduct after each degree you witness. Reflect on how the lessons learned can be applied to your life and what you could have done differently in a past situation.” – Brother Scott Haynes

“Don't be in a rush to see all the degrees. Take each one that you see and reflect on it. Make new friends along the way and enjoy it.” – Brother Paul Knigge

Four men working construction for Habitat for Humanity
Brothers from the Valley of Merrimack working with Habitat for Humanity

“Watch every degree you can and ENJOY the journey!” – Brother Butch McCall

Looking for more help in starting your Scottish Rite journey? Read our New Member Checklist.

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