Any Brother who has had the chance to travel around the Jurisdiction to witness a degree knows that each Valley conducts them differently. While the lessons and story may be the same, each production is unique to the personality of the Valley.

Of course, as Valleys vary in size, they don’t all have the manpower to successfully conduct each degree. To ensure all our members have the opportunity to witness each degree, Supreme Council has continues its program to create video productions of the Scottish Rite degrees.

We’re excited to bring you behind the scenes of the recent 17° production which was filmed at the Valley of Harrisburg. The cast and set design are made up of Brothers from the Valley of Harrisburg, who truly "put their all into making this degree a feast for the eyes," said M. Todd McIntosh, 33°, Active Member, who served as director of the degree.

It seems fitting that as we look ahead to improve the experience for our members, we consider the teachings of the 17°: we must seek truth in our path through life, and that we should learn from, and avoid repeating, the errors of the past.

We extend our thanks to Brother Marcus Abbot, 32°, for his wonderful set design, and to Ill. Jim Dill, 33°, who served as producer. Last but not least, we offer our enthusiastic applause to the Brothers of the Valleys of Harrisburg who made it all possible.

Enjoy the video below as we bring you onto the set of the Knight of the East and West, the first of the Degrees within the Chapter of Rose Croix.

You can read more about this labor of love in the November 2019 issue of The Northern Light, page 31.